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    Name - Megastorm
    Japanese Name - Megastorm
    Japanese Number - D-12
    D-16 (VS pack with Apache)

    Tech Spec - Destron (Predacon)
    Tech Spec - Duke Of Destruction
    Tech Spec - Transforms into a tank, in which form his attacks have the highest class of destructive force of any in the story. However, the trouble is he takes too long before he fires. His brother Galvatron is more idealistic and fastidious...while Megastorm has that much more of a realistic atmosphere than his elder sibling about him. Having learned of the "Lord of Angolmois," the fearsome secret of the planet that is the stage for their battles, his brother has become cautious, which has led Megastorm to be disloyal and mistrustful at times.

    Tech Spec - 10
    Tech Spec - 9
    Tech Spec - 6
    Tech Spec - 10
    Tech Spec - 9
    Tech Spec - 8
    Tech Spec - 10
    Tech Spec - 10

    Toy Info - Released / decontinued
    Toy Info - Released in 1998
    both individually or with Apache (VS set)

    Toy Info - Ultra

    Toy Info -
    Megastorm is a repaint of "Generation 2" Megatron

    Cartoon / Movie -

    Megastorm is the Predacon Duke of Destruction and younger brother to Galvatron, the Emperor of Destruction. He believes in being realistic and conservative when it comes to goals and strategy and hence tends to have a rather different veiwpoint than his more bold and wreckless older brother. Finally when Galvatron began his audacious quest for the Angolmois energy the differences between them became too great and Megastorm began to consider how he could seize the reigns of command and stear them back towards sanity. Galvatron is well aware of his younger sibling's attempts at treachery, but looks the otherway purely out of brotherly love.
    Megastorm can transform into a tank. He is later upgraded by angolmois into Gigastorm, a giant mechanical Hojoni, which gave him a base mode and a battle station mode, along with a Gigascouter drone. His personality was likewise magnified to drive out all compassion, weakness, and doubt. The upgrade included an enlarged title as Arch-Duke of Destruction. (Source = Transformers Wiki - Teletraan I)

    Cartoon / Movie - Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese)

    Episodes - Appeared in the Beast Wars II cartoon

    Comics -
    Megastorm was killed in battle with Lio Convoy. He shared one last, sweet scene with his older brother before dying. Galvatron swore revenge for his brother's death. (Beast Wars II Comic)

    Parts - Light, Gun and 6x Missiles
    Parts - Main Colour - Army Green

    Parts - Gun ------- (Yes) --- Main Colour
    Parts - Missle ------- (Yes) --- Black
    Parts - Light ------- (Yes) --- Black

    Images -

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