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    Feb 26, 2011
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    hate to start this off on a negative, but the guy welched on a deal. We made a deal for RTS Windcharger for 25+ 6 shipping. I sent the guy enough to cover it and about a week and a half later just returned my cash saying he doesnt have the item anymore. Beware of this guy.

    also waited a few days to make this thread hoping he would explain himself... he choose to ignore my pm.
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    So I just found out this was here...
    Anyways this guys a little off on his time frames
    When I had my windcharger up for sale/trade I had offers coming and going from a couple of different people. I honestly missed that this guy had sent Payment. Since I had already commited to a trade with another board member and his end of the trade was in the mail already I had to refund the Cash.

    As you can see from the screen cap His money was sent on the 9th and I promptly refunded it on the 11th after I realized I had recieved it. I have no idea where the week and a half later crap he is stating is coming from but for me stating the item was no longer available was explanation enough.

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