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    Robot Designation: Airwave
    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Special Operations/Intelligence Officer
    Earth Transformation modes: EC-130H Electronic Warfare Aircraft/SC-130 Medevac Plane
    Space Mode: Decepticon Transport Ship/Decepticon Interdictor

    Airwave is a peculiar Decepticon, originating from the first wave of Decepticon Intelligence specialised Transformers. Many times assigned to work with Transformers such as Soundwave he specialised at infiltration and manipulation. He arrived on Earth in the 1990s just as the US Allied Romania purchased several C-130 Aircraft. Still in his Cybertronian transformation mode, Airwave entered the atmosphere scanning and assuming the form of an EC-130H EW plane. While the original plane was destroyed, the Crew was held in stasis.

    When they arrived a few hours late at their destination, assuming they flew the original EC-130 they were actually in Airwave's cockpit. Now employed by the Romanian Air Force as both in it's intended role and a Medevac plane for a few natural disasters that occurred in the country the Decepticon decided it was prudent in manipulating the High-levels of the military and government for his own ends. Tapping into both computer and radio networks, cellular networks within the Eastern European country he made contact with government officials in the year 2000.

    At a secret meeting held in the Carpathians the Decepticon gave the government his version of Cybertronian history and his role there. The Romanian officials convinced of his benevolence kept his existence a secret without knowing the 'good' alien robot was relaying classified information to Soundwave.

    Two times autobots ended up in Romania and Airwave was there to greet them. First, a small Autobot called Firewheels assumed the form of a Ford Fiesta but his stay would not be long. Tracked down by the large Decepticon he was brutally disposed of and his remains were melted in secret by the government. The second time, an Autobot Medical Officer landed in late 2008 but he was lucky enough to escape, injured though by the Decepticon. His fate is yet unclear.

    Along the years he gathered several new Decepticon arrivals, in the form of Bladewind, a ruthless Reconaissance Decepticon, turning into an IAR-330 Puma Helicopter, Muzzle - one of Brawl's fellow Combaticons that assumed the TR85M1 Tank as his alternate mode and the two brothers Stalker and Lifejack, turning into a VW Passat V6 Police vehicle and the other into a latest model Mercedes Benz Ambulance also acting as a medical officer.

    NEST has attempted to scan the area for Decepticon incursions but thanks to Soundwave the group remains as of yet undiscovered as they have access to many sensitive information centers, containing NATO Data on Operations and Communication logs. With Government backup it remains unclear for how long these Decepticons will remain acting freely.

    As a personal sidenote and fic: Barricade is known to have taken refuge with this group, keeping his old Saleen S281 Police Car form, now registered in the service of the Romanian government.

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