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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Apr 29, 2009.

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    (I am using ZoomText to post this, so bear with me.)

    I had a vision scare the past week, and fortunately it was all a false alarm.
    I got laser treatment to strengthen my eye and am waiting for my sight to clear up from that.

    But i still left the Dr. with much anger.
    not at him, but at another doctor.
    I wasted over a year with a man who told me that i would go blind, and all he could do was slow it with laser treatments.
    I worked at my job for a few weeks, then he scheduled a painful treatment, and i would be out of work for weeks.
    it cost me my job and i was no better off.
    and after i had a really bad scare, he told me to wait a month and see what happened.

    today was the first laser treatment i have had since my new doctor saved my sight and gave me good news.
    and you know what? i did not feel anything.
    not one bit of pain.
    My new doctor actually put my eye to sleep and then worked on me, an option i was never given before. he even turned my MP3 player on for ne and i listened to Weird Al and Korn as he worked.

    didn't even know it could be done like that.

    it just infuriates me to think the previous doc withheld a painless method all those times and told me to "man-up" as the Death Star was shot into my eye between 120-300 times till i screamed.

    I understand to a degree how doctors think- and when i was a medic, i fell into the same trap. I know what's going on with my patient, i know what has to be done and that's how it will go.
    sometimes, i focused too much on packaging the patient to listen to them, and it didn't help anybody.

    the point is that the first priority is, Do No Harm.
    and my previous doctor ignored that rule.

    i am not ranting about malpractice or the pros and cons of Universal Health Care; i am just venting about the massive amount of trust i placed into a healer and discovering it wasn't respected.

    My current opthamologist is a man i respect and damn near love. he has been straight with me, he lays out all my options and allows me the dignity of choice. and if it doesn't work, he steps in and explains his choice for me.

    i guess i am done. but for both the patient and doctor, i suggest communication.
    talk to each other. i wish i had done that a long time ago.
  2. TheIncredibleHulk

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    Cool story bro

    J/K ;) 

    Yeah, there's some bad doctor's out there, but alot of good ones. Can't always tell till they actually have to do something. Hell, my own doctor just got busted for child molestation.
  3. grimlock1972

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    sadly many doctors forget the hippocratic oath and only picture the money they can make, good to know there good ones out there
  4. DaraRex2.0

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    Know the feeling guy, I've had both good and bad docs since we moved lots when I was a pup. I've nothing against a doctor that lacks the experience to help you, but I don't like one that can't help you and just sorta holds onto you without making an effort to find a physician that can.

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    I can totally sympathize with ya. I had a horrible ear doc till I was 18. he kept doing surgeries, and they'd lead to yet another one, and each time my hearing would end up worse than before. By 18, I had 5% hearing in my right ear! When I was 20, I decided to simply go for a hearing aide. I went to a friend of my parents' who's an Audiologist. He did a test and said that before we looked at actual models, he wanted me to see an actual ear doc to make sure there wasn't anything that would prevent one from doing me any good. I picked out the doctor, and he recommended a friend of his in StL, who recommended me to a class-mate of his, out in Charleston, SC. That guy for the first time actually gave me the feeling of trust and belief that he could legitimately help me out where I wouldn't even need a hearing aide. Lo and behold, I have about 65-70% hearing in my right ear now. Screw Christopher Jung in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
  6. Chaos Muffin

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    Glad you got a new doc and everything straightened out
  7. BenPrince

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    Apr 21, 2009
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    Once your vision clears get a sniper rifle...

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