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    After literally destroying an entire city during a battle with the Decepticons, Optimus Prime decides to send a special team on a worldwide goodwill tour. Prime wants the humans to understand that they are terribly sorry for what has happened. So Skids and Jazz come up with the idea for appropriate Bots to don the colors of famous T.V. and movie vehicles. Thus... the 'Mediabots' are assembled. As soon as Wheeljack finds out, our resident inventor gets giddy and upgrades the new team with abilities that match those of their cross mode stars.


    Function: Mediabot Director

    Cross Mode: Herbie The Love Bug

    “The least likely can be the most dangerous.”

    After countless espionage commendations, became head of C.I.A. (Cybertron Intelligence Agency). Made secret pact with Bludgeon and learned the forbidden Metalikillo. Does not use firearms on missions. Feels this increases his skills. Adapt to extreme cold, heat, and underwater pressure. Can maintain control over all of his body parts, even if they are separated and damaged in battle. Has the greatest endurance of ANY Mediabot. Able to remote control any Volkswagen Beetle within a 1-mile radius. Still physically the weakest Autobot, but Decepticons who have fought him seriously doubt this.

    Rank: 10

    Intelligence: 10

    Courage: 10

    Skill: 10

    Endurance: 10

    Speed: 1

    Strength: 1

    Firepower: 0


    Function: Geologist

    Cross Mode: Speed Buggy

    “Know the conflict within before facing the conflict without.”

    Has newfound appreciation for necessity of warfare, but only in order to protect the environment. Is cool-headed, low key, and very personable. Sensors can determine chemical composition of land and find needed resources within a 100-mile radius. Range of 1800 miles over rugged terrain. Can move in vehicle mode like an animal… making conducting geological surveys much quicker. Fights when called upon with more enthusiasm. Likes to weird out Decepticons by walking and twisting in car mode… gives this non-combatant shock value in a fight. Attraction from humans to vehicle mode has cured susceptibility to mental stress.

    Rank: 3

    Intelligence: 10

    Courage: 5

    Skill: 10

    Endurance: 5

    Speed: 2

    Strength: 5

    Firepower: 0


    Function: Diversion

    Cross Mode: The General Lee

    “Strike first, strike fast, strike hard!”

    'Yee ha!' is his battle cry as he jumps through the air in car mode. His eagerness and daring have no equal. He is driven by a hatred towards the Decepticons, and shows them no mercy. No longer finds Earth’s terrain a hindrance. Uses his unlimited stunt abilities taught to him by Wheeljack to draw away enemy fire. 'Way Down South In The Land Of Dixie' sonic speakers can shatter steel like glass. Loves being reckless and getting into situations too dangerous for him too handle. Other Mediabots worry about his ruthlessness in combat. Not comfortable taking orders from Bumblebee.

    Rank: 6

    Intelligence: 6

    Courage: 10

    Skill: 10

    Endurance: 6

    Speed: 7

    Strength: 4

    Firepower: 3


    Function: Long Range Defense

    Cross Mode: Bonaparte - Tank Girls Tank

    “A good shot is worth more than a good intention.”

    His comrades think he's more impressive than he does. Likes to show off his sharp shooting at the enemy. Boisterous, loud mouthed, raucous sense of humor makes him welcome company. Vain about his gun barrel. Even the slightest scratch too it causes him to go into a berserker rage on the nearest Decepticon. Travels at 45MPH over the roughest terrain. Unbelievable control over his firepower, can carefully crack a walnut at 1FT, or bring down a building at 30 miles. Shoots explosive, thermal, cryogenic, acid, sonic shells. Greatest strength of all the Mediabots. New gyrostabilizer will balance him out if upended.

    Rank: 5

    Intelligence: 4

    Courage: 10

    Skill: 8

    Endurance: 9

    Speed: 1

    Strength: 10

    Firepower: 10


    Function: Interceptor

    Cross Mode: K.I.T.T.

    “Quick action equals quick victory.”

    Fastest Mediabot over long distances in additional Super Pursuit Mode. Good in situations requiring fast, decisive action. Enthusiastic but impatient, short attention span. Creates powerful Energon Multiphase Pulse, which de-energizes all power within 1 mile, save for himself. EMP can be narrowed into tight beam and directed at Seekers with a range of 5 miles. Has long-range internal audio, visual, internet communications. Reaction to new skin caused it to become almost impenetrable. Has a quirky sense of humor... enjoys spying on humans and shutting down amusement parks when he drives by.

    Rank: 4

    Intelligence: 7

    Courage: 10

    Skill: 3

    Endurance: 9

    Speed: 10

    Strength: 3

    Firepower: 4

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