MechWarrior Darkage: Lyons Blood (Not TF)

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    Hey guys, I know this isnt a TF story but still includes giant robots :D  It's been a "short story series" Ive worked on and posted on other forums but I dont think the audiense really cared. So I'm giving this a try, hope you enjoy.

    A rookie commander
    A valiant knight
    and a pirate king.
    Together these three bond together against the harsh onslaught of Clan Jade Falcon on the little world called Lyons.

    Republic of the Sphere
    Prefecture IX
    March, 3135

    We all knew what was going to happen to the Republic when the Hyper-Pulse-Generator communication network collasped in 3132, there would be chaos and disorder, and like everything in the history of the Inner Sphere, war. It is a common event in this galaxy, every generation tastes it's sweat, it's destruction, and it's blood. There was a time when the fogs of war where actually peirced with a ray of light called hope. The great Delvin Stone united the Inner Sphere to create the Republic of the Sphere, worlds embraced this ideal while it was enforced on others, but all good things end, Delvin Stone resigned from office leaving Exarch Redburn his posistion as president. It was not Redburn's fault for the collaspe of galaxy wide communication, but it may as well be his fault for coming to the worlds who cry for help.

    Lyons is crying and is not being heard. The egg shaped dropships peirced the atmosphere, all can see the flame surronding the atmosphere, as if the planet itself was trying to push back the invaders, but the invaders where too strong and the flame on insertion disappears. One of the most fearful of the ancient General Kerensky's childen has landed on Lyons, Clan Jade Falcon. War has once again reached the small world of Lyons.

    - Journal of Lt. Malven GaRena.

    Amadellion , capital of Lyons
    Milita Headquarters.

    "Gentlemen, you are more that just soldiers out there, you are MechWarriors. We are giant metal avatars of the god of war. Clan Jade Falcon may have been genetically bred for combat, but we, we have the will to fight for our home, and we will show the Falcons that they are not welcome here. They may have the better equipment and the better warriors, but we know the land and the terrian and the will to defend home." Lance Commander Erum stood proudly in front of the podium. He was only talking to two people in the room, me, and 2nd Lt. Nevos. It felt strange to be having this sort of prep talk with just us here, but MechWarriors are not a common sight nowadays, and we both have qualified as the best to pilot the awsome war machines. This planet has only three BattleMechs and three MechWarriors. I do not count the Industrial 'Mech modifications as true BattleMechs or their pilots true MechWarriors. It makes me feel to be top of the chain like that, but when I am in Erum's presense, I feel as if he's a lion, and I'm his prey, only to awe at his intense teeth. It's not that I fear this man, but more of feel he is at a higher plane of existance than me.

    Nevos is the most recent addition, a new MechWarrior, but I feel as if his skills are more impressive than mine, but I am his superior only because I have been in the milita longer.

    “Now that I have uplifted your sprits gentlemen, listen carfully and memorize these images well, we calculated the Falcon landing zone with a margin of error of five miles.” An overhead image of the terrain appeared, with symbols marking posistions of Tank Battalions, our three ‘mechs, many infantry platoons and power armor point. There where no details of the Lyons Milita Air Force, because that wasn’t our department, but Erum is a theourgh commander and will explain their posistions and roles, he has never let us down. The Jade Falcon landing zone was inbetween a large dense forest, and the city of Grandel to the north. “Our most important objective is to prevent urban combat, our battlemechs are posistioned to guard the borders of the city to try and push Falcon forces into the forest where we can supply a heavier base of fire against them. It’ll piss of the nature lovers, but it’ll make for some dead clanners. We have four tank battelions covering us to supply additional firepower, as you see on the map, most other tank squadrons are in the forest. We do have air cover in the regon but they are already engaged so far with other Clan aerotech. Reports so far show our air force has taken a 28% casaulties. With the clanners having the kill ratio of three to one. I hate to break it, but the Air Force wont be stopping them. I also hate to point out that clanners are arrogant, but not stupid, they’re going to see this plan coming sooner or later and assemble in counter formations. Keep your eye on the enemy posistions you two, and react to their reactions. Questions?”

    Nevos raised his hand. “Sir, what if we get pushed into the city?”

    Erum’s expression was cold. “The media wont like it, but you will use the enviroment to your advantage. There is no excuse to holding back. The city has already been evacuated, if you need to topple a building on an eneI disagreeault ‘Mech, then do it. If we don’t give it our all, we wont have anything, clear?”

    We both acknowledged “Yes sir!” and proceded to our ‘Mech hangars. In the next few hours, blood will grease the soil of Lyons.
    Episode 2

    Border of Magistrate of Canopus space.
    Dropship Nova Gold, Union Class

    "Old man? Hey! Old man!" Julian Nurrin bit his lower lip in fustration, seeing his grandfather reading somthing in the lower decks of the Dropships hanger.

    "That is not a way to speak to elders nor your grandfather." Michel Nurrin said with the much deeper and intimidating voice.

    With much confidence in Jilian's "And Im the king, and you are to serve the king. Did you get the inventroy list up to date?"

    "I had that done two hours ago, my king" Michel said the last part with some spite in it.

    "Alright, alright, Im sorry, but I really need that list grandpa. Here I come seeing you reading somthing, not being busy at all."

    "This is one of your father's jounrals."

    “Dad” Jilian let the word drift into silence.

    ”I miss my son too.” Michel said to break the silence.

    Jilian’s father and Michel’s son was the Pirate King, Benjamin Nurrin. Who was considered the greatest of the Far-Rim pirates. The dynasty is still young, being 4 generations old. Benjamin did many things for Far-Rim pirates including the creation of a domed colony on one of the many backwater moons in the Periphery. He also absorbed many smaller pirate factions into his small dynasty. Benjamin Nurrin however did not rule with an iron fist like what many other pirate kings would have done. He was a fair man, but he was feared, Benjamin was two faced in this manner. No one ever wanted to see his other face. Benjamin spent a few years traveling inside the Republic of Sphere, and has done many things. He was viewed as a hero to the common people for unexplained reasons that could only be noticed in his journals, which his father only kept a small collection of. It is a fact also that somewhere within the Republic, Benjamin left a treasure. No one exactly what the treasure is, or where it is.

    When Jilian was ten, his father vanished, leaving Michel to do his best to teach the would-be king all he knew. As for Jilians mother, she died moments later after giving birth.

    “Does any of that mention me?” Jilian asked

    There a pause for Michel to figure out on what to say. “Sort of, this was before you where born, he mentioned how your mother was pregnant and that he would be the best father anyone could be.”

    “Yeah, where is he now?” Jilian said with bitterness in his voice.

    That sparked anger into Michel “You watch the tongue boy. I’ll cut it and shove it in your ass next time I hear you speak like that about my son again.”

    “Sorry gramps. Back to the important subject though, can you give me the inventory list?”

    “Sure.” Michel handed the list that contained a list of valuable materials to keep the dromed colony, Rim Harbor, operational. Mostly contained food stuffs and oxygen. Other things also are on the list are smuggeled goods, mostly ores that where raided from a mining transport, a few small arm weapons, erotic planets, and to make the list a little strange, holovids of some action hero that probably orignated in Republic space. Jilian was about to open his mouth but the red alert sirens came on.

    “Incoming patrol ships, bwas, you’re needed on the bridge ASAP” The speakers said, the voice belonged to Robert Woodum, everyone calls him Woody, speaking with a thick accient that orignated on achient Terra, somewhere within the North America area. Jilian and Michel gave each other a breif glance and rushed to the Nova Gold’s bridge.

    “Whats the word Woody?” Jilian asked.

    ”Four aerospace fighters are on an intercept couse.” Woody put his hand to his ear “wait a minute.” Another pause. “Bwas, they’re Magistrate of Canopus border patrol.”

    “Give me communications with them.” Jilian ordered.

    A new voice came in over the speakers. Usually they would also have a video projection of the person, but sense the crew of the Nova Gold are communicating with aerospace fighters, such features didn’t quite work out. “This is Captain Murset of the 4th Aerotech squadion of the Magistrate of Canopus, Charlie wing, you are trespassing into Magistrate of Canopus borders. Either turn around or power down your engines.”

    Jilian voice sounded cold when he replied back. “This is Jilian Nurrin of the Far-Rim pirates. There are no borders in space Captain and we will go wherever we please.”

    “Last warning pirate, stand down or I will be forced to engage.” Captain Murset said.

    “Give us your best shot. Nurran out.” He closed the channel and looked to Woody “Prep my fighter and Bubbas to get ready for launch and power up the drop-ships weapons. Me and Bubba will engage them. If the shit hits the fan, we’ll pull out and lure them into the Nova Gold’s weapon range, clear?”

    Woody gave a nod. “Aye sir. Just remember, you and Bubba and still our best defence.”

    A dropship has the potential to carry awsome firepower, enough to turn a BattleMech into rubble, but in zero gravety, the large clunky jumpships can be easy prey to well armed and even more maneuverable aerospace fighters.

    The alarms blarded and Jilian rushed to the hangar. He could see his wingman Bubba getting prepped. Bubba earned his name with his backwater farmer nature. Jilian would have never expected a man like Bubba, a boy who grew up in stables feeding cow or ox like creatures, to be one of the best Aerotech pilots he has even seen, and no to mention one he trusts to watch his back. Reminds me of an achient terra holovid.

    The drop ship had only two Aerotech fighters. Jilians Shiva 80 ton Heavy aerospace fighter, and Bubbas Sholagar 35 ton light fighter. Usually pirates would have beaten down fighters like these, but Jilian and Bubba, plus a great crew of technicians, worked hours on end to keep these fighters in top shape, they will never be like how they where when they came out of whatever factory some crazy warlord wanted, but they where good machines. It was like having a used car that was well cared for from the previous owner and the current one. Jilian was the heavy punch of the of the two fighters. Bubba would engage enemies up close to line up a shot for Jilian, Jilian’s Shiva was focused on long-range-missiles. He had three LRM 20’s, each LRM fired 20 missiles out at once, and two large laser to back him up in case he ran out of missile ammo, which was often. Bubba’s disc-winged Sholagar carried the default six medium lasers, enough firepower for fighter-on-fighter dogfighting.

    “Wh’t we fac’in boss?” Bubba asked as Jilian rushed past him towards his Shiva.

    “Four Aerospace fighters, border patrol.” Jilian replied

    “Wh’t class?”

    “Im sure yet.”


    Jilian secured his zero-g flight suit, and lightly wacked Bubbas flight helmit. The helmit tilted which was sigh that it wasn’t secured. After Bubba made the quick adjustment, he smacked Jilians and it was fine. They gave each other a thumbs up and moved into their fighters. The Hangar of Nova Gold is actually more of their cargo hold, but it can easily serve as both so long as any cargo and loose materials and bolted down. Jilian gave himself a smile, it always feels like a long time be come back into the cockpit. The hangar doors open and oxygen and dust rushed out into the void of space like children going to recess. Sense Jilian was the much bigger and slower Aerospace fighter, Bubba launched first. Jilian could hear and feel the power of Bubbas Shologar engine roar. Bubbas fighter rushed out.

    “Bubba out!” Bubba confirmed

    “King, engines online.” Jilians call-sign in combat was King.

    Six point five tons of power wirred, and screamed as Jilian powered up his engines. The giant Shiva fighter rushed into space, the wings of the Shiva intracting inward, similar to the achient Terra F-14 TomCat.

    “King out! Bubba, form on my Six and stick close.”


    The Shologar followed closely behind, and the Shiva pointed nose down to face the enemy coming in at them.

    “Four contacts, zero-degress, devils six.” Jilian said

    “Wh’t a devil again?” Bubba asked

    Jilian put his palm to his face, or his helmit anyways and let out a depressed sigh.

    “That means they’re below us by five kelometers.”


    “And keep radio silence!”


    “Stay quiet Bubba!”

    “Sure thing.”

    “Stop talking!”

    “Right boss.”

    That’s when Jilian just decided to keep his mouth shut. Bubba may have been one of the best aerospace pilots Jilian has ever seen, but the guy was slow on a few things.

    “Stick close Bubba, unless they have got a scout sending in radar data, they shouldn’t detect you if you’re in my sensor shadow.”

    Unlike what so many hot-shot aerospace action holovids display, the sensors to a aerospace fighter can only detect what is front of them in a cone like radius, unless there is a radar station or another craft that is relaying sensor data.


    “Contact! One Aerospace fighter, heavy, zero degrees, angel’s four, moving on intercept path!” Lieutentant Junra spoke the moment the pirate’s fighter appeared on radar.

    Why one? Even if it’s a lone heavy fighter with a skilled pilot, he wouldn’t survive against four trained aerospace fighters Murset thought. “Charlie wing, change to a left echelon formation, Charlie three and four, move ahead to intercept while me and Charlie two stay behind in case of any surprise. I don’t like the look of this.”

    “Copy Charlie lead” Charlie Three and Four replied.

    The fights broke away from their pyramid shape wedge formation, and had two fights advance forward a little, while the other two stayed back, almost forming a complete diagional line.

    ”He could be hiding a buddy of his in his sensor shadow.”

    “Boss, look, they’re switching things up” Bubba broke radio silence again.

    “Shit, they’re onto us. Stay in formation Bubba, they’re a minute out of my missile range.” Jilian gently placed his thumb on the launch trigger. The moment he presses that and sixty missiles will fly.

    Only a few seconds passed by and Jilian felt like it took an enterinty, any second now is when both groups of fighters will be in long-range-missile range. If Jilian didn’t die there, then he might get a chance, that’s also assuming his enemy has long range missiles. Then an idea hit Jilian, and he targetted three of the four patrol fighters.

    “Bubba, the moment I fire, break and engage your closest target.”

    Twenty secounds out, ten, five, Jilian fired his missiles. For every fighter Jilian targetted, twenty missiles flew out.

    “Missile launch, Charlie break formaiton, now-now-NOW!” Musat yelled, his entire wing split. Mursat could see the yellow trail of twenty, no, sixty missiles coming at his wing!

    “Second contact moving on an intercept!” Junra yelled

    “Too many missiles lead, Im on defence!” Charlie Three yelled.

    Charlie formation broke, scattering and dropping any counter measures they can muster.

    “Charlie four, go defensive!” Mursat yelled.

    “He’s almost in range, firing!” Charlie four yelled, but the moment he finished his sentense is when twenty missiles impacted the front of the of the arrow shaped Corsair 50 ton medium fighter. Mursat could see the cockpit blow out as the pilot ejected from the exploding craft. Charlie four might survive if shrapnel dosnt kill him first.

    “Boss! You got one! Three Corsair fighters! Im almost in range to tassel with them!” Bubba said with excitement in his voice.

    “Damn, Corsair’s will tear us up.” Jilian said

    Jilian could see the blue flames of the Corsairs scatter around, and an orange plume explosde. The blue flames ran from the yellow flames of Jilian’s savage missile salvo. He already predicted that the rest of his volley would miss.

    Bubba gave a yeehaw into his communicator as he zipped by the first Corsair, sending his six green beams of death down onto it. The lasers didn’t do much damage, even with six combined, but it’ll leave a few dents at least. Jilian was entering medium range now, where his two large lasers would be in range. “Bubba, pull up now!” Jilian yelled and fired another volly of sixty missiles rushing to their targets.

    “Damnit! Charlie go defensive!” Mursat screamed. He could see the disk winged Sholgar poucing and playing around Charlie Three. Because everyone had to fly to avoid the missiles, including the Shologar, is when Mursat saw an opportuniety. He pulled up immeadetly behind the Shologar and fired his large, medium, and small lasers in a chain fireing pattern. All of the missiles missed, but it left Charlie wing widely scattered.

    “Boss! Boss! I got one of them bad guys on my butt! Get him off!” Bubba yelled, he was juking his fighting, making random patterns to make sure his chaser couldn’t line up a good shot.

    Problem for Jilian was that everyone around his was faster than his Shiva, not to mention, aside from the Nova Gold, Jilian was the second largest space craft in the furball. He pulled his craft up to try to chase the one after Bubba. He took a glance behind him and could see a Corsair zipping in behind him. Jilian had to ignore it if he wanted to safe Bubba. As Bubba was juking around, so was his target. Making it difficult to hit. Jilian took a deep breath, and kept his craft steady. Stay calm, he’ll line up the shot form me, I just have to wait, wait, wait. He thought, he already heard a medium laser from the chasing Corsair make a mark on his rear. Wait. He saw his target swivel all around his crosshairs, up, down, left and right. He saw a moment it was passing into his crosshair, wait. As if Jilian could see the math behind his target’s movement, now! Jilian fired his two large lasers into the Corsair’s rear the moment they entered his crosshairs, the Corsair immeadetly broke it’s chase with Bubba. He jerked forward and the fighter behind him scored another hit, cept this time with its own pair of heavy lasers, and mediums.

    “I got one on my six Bubba, clear him out!” Jilian screamed.

    The zippy Sholagar pulled off a six gee turn, or what looked like to be anyways! Bubba you insane wack job! Bubba just pressed three times the weight of gravety onto himself, but the fighter was stable, Bubba didn’t black out. Jilian could hear the roar of the Sholagar’s engine scream past his hear. Bubba probably scored some of Jilians paint too. Jilian turned with him. Jilian saw whoever was chasing zipp right behind Jilian, and his wing man zipped past by too. That left the thrid fighter however in this distance. Time for my favorite button, Jilian fired another salvo of sixity missiles, seeing their yellow flame rush to the Crosairs blue engine thrust. The Corsair pulled up, but Jilian saw that his target did it too early and the missiles would tear the dart shaped fighter apart. The missiles impacted the fighter, tear apart armor in multiple sections. The Corsair’s cockpit blew open and the pilot ejected, the fighter spining and spining, till it exploded.

    “Charlie Three is down sir, enemy has advantage!” Junra spoke. Mursat appreciated her ability to report the situation around him.

    “Not quite, focus on the Shiva heavy, we can tear him up before his wingman can inflict heavy damage on us.” Mursat said, juking his fighter to avoid the constant laser fire from the Sholagar.

    “Boss, they’re moving behind you!” Bubba stated.

    “Damnit! I know, King on defence!” Jilian juked his fighter. He thrusted around violently around the cockpit as every heavy laser from his enemies scored a hit. “Bubba get them off of me!”

    “They aint budging boss!”

    Jilian did a mixture of unpredicable maneuvers. The idea was to keep the Corsair’s nose not pointing at his fighter, at least they didn’t have missiles. Another hit on Jilian and sparks flew from his cockpit, one of his MID *Multi-Image-Display* blacked out. His rear armor was getting weak and soon they would start tearing into his engine.

    “Woah!” Bubba screamed and pulled away. Jilian looked back and saw the blue corkscrew shaped vapor trail of a gauss rifle hit a Corsair.

    “King, Im glad to see you brough some company with you!” Michel said over the communicator. “All gunners, pick your targets and fire at will, stop going defensive boy and waste that ammo!”

    Blue zaps of artifical lighting from the Nova Gold’s PPC cannons, and Gauss rifles lit up the darkness of space with a barrage fire of death to the now hopeless militia pilots. Jilian could hear Bubba laughing.

    “We must have accidently brought ourselfs into the Nova Golds firing range!” Bubba gleed with joy.

    Jilian could see what he would guess to be the leader of the patrol juking and doging the Nova Golds rifle. Jilian maneuvered onto his rear and locked on with all his weapons. “Captain Mursat, power down or I am going to send sixty happy friends to see you.”

    “Pirate skum!” Mursat yelled with pride.

    “Oh come on now Captain, you fought valiantly, , I respect that in a pilot. Hell, I recall seeing your other wingmen eject safely. We’ll drop you off on a safe planet along the way home, but we’re taking your fighters and salvage.”

    There was a moment of silence on the calm and Jilian heard Mursat say to power down his wingman.

    Back on board the Nova Gold the pirates roared and cheered at Jilians victory, and of course made jokes at how he was going to get his ass kicked by a border patrol. The rest of the Charlie Wing pilots where picked it, a maracle they where alive and had honorable treatment, best one can get from a pirate, but where still locked up in the Nova Golds prision.

    It took two days for the Nova Gold to link up to a Jumpship to warp them near the Far-Rim pirates home dome colony. After the Jumpship folded space, Jilian made sure no questions where asked from the Jumpship’s Captain with a good sum of money and a pistol pointed at him. Jilian made sure the Magistrate of Canopus pilots where left on board the Jumpship. He recalled seeing a woman give him a salute as they left, yeah, he though, I got that one without even knowing it. It took another few days of space travel where Jilian finally landed on the Far-Rim Pirate’s home. Jilian slept well that night.

    “Wake up sire.” Said the loud, gruff, female, and if Jilian thought who it was, ugly, voice of his buttress, Ulmana Bourion.

    “Five more minutes Ulmana.” Jilian said, forgetting how strong the woman is. He left her large hands drip the collar on his shirt and another around his legs. He left himself being weightless for a moment, then Ulmana made a nice example of how gravety works, by dropping Jilian on the floor. “Ulmana, why didn’t you ever kill me yet?” He groaned.

    “Cause my king, aint my place in the universe to bust your spine, just bust your ass. Daddy’s orders. Speaking of yer daddy.” Ulmana pulled out a evenlope out of, no, Jilian dosnt want to think about where she put that.

    But Jilian did sound hopeful. “A letter from dad?”

    “No, its from your grand dad, talking about your dad.”

    “You read the letter?”


    “Broke the Family crest?”


    “You’re a pregnant dog.”


    Jilian read the letter.

    Dear Grandson:
    I cannot bare the fact that my son is dead. I refuse to believe that I have outlived him. I have taken my Dropship, the Cortex, and my crew to search for him. Jilian, I am done teaching you and now this is your day where you must bear the title of king. You will have many questions, but I cannot answer them. You will have to seek the answer for yourself. Despite that we are outlaws, and not exactly the most stable of worlds, there are people of Rim Harbor that look up to you. Serve them well Jilian. This might be the last time I will ever communicate to you, I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t for the blackout, d**n Comstar.

    -Michel Nurrin.

    “Oh gramps.” Jilian said, the silence in the air stung him.
    “What will you do now King?” Ulmana asked.

    “I remember reading once in my father’s jounrnal that he visited a planet, and in that same jounral he made a reference to his treasure. Sure, he made reference to the treasure a lot, but never a specific planet name. I want to go to that world, with the Nova Gold, and claim my fathers treasure.”

    “And what world is that my king?”

    “A little world called Lyons.”


    Episode Three will indroduce the third character, a righteous Knight of the Republic who will have the learn about sacrafice and that being a "boy scout" in life will not effectively get things done, especially when other people's lives are on the line.

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