Mechafire's Sales and Trades - MP-01! Video game consoles! Animated stuff! And more!

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    Mechafire's Sales and Trades: MP-01! Video game consoles! Animated stuff! And more!

    Hey, welcome to my new sales and trades thread. Looking to trade, sell and buy stuff because I'm currently a bit strapped for cash and in need of a few things. Have a look! I'll be updating this thread regularly, so keep watching. PM me if you'd like to work something out. Most of the stuff I'm selling/trading is used, so I'll send some details and photos your way if you're interested. I'm willing to work out a combination of the items I'm selling plus cash. Please be patient, as I'm still in the process of organizing everything. Thanks!

    Up for trade is... (Looking only to trade these for now, will be open to selling them in a few weeks.)

    - MP-01 Convoy
    - Takara Wingblade Optimus Prime
    - Animated Deluxe Arcee
    - Animated Deluxe Ironhide
    - Animated Leader Ultra Magnus
    - Animated Voyager Lugnut
    - Dark of the Moon Deluxe Crankcase (uncut fingers)
    - 2007 Movie Leader Megatron
    - Takara Beast Wars Quickstrike
    - Japanese Complete G1 Cartoon Tin
    - RHINO G1 Season 1 Set
    - RHINO G1 Season 2 Part 1 Set
    - Transformers (2007) Movie
    - Transformers (2007) Movie Autobot Protect Tin
    - Transformers (2007) Movie 2-Disc Special Edition
    - Revenge of the Fallen Blu-Ray
    - RHINO Transformers Volume 1 VHS
    - RHINO Transformers Volume 2 VHS
    - RHINO Transformers Volume 3 VHS

    Video Games:
    - PSP 3000
    - DS Lite
    - Nintendo Gamecube
    - Sony Playstation 2
    - Original Xbox
    - Halo: Reach Xbox 360
    - Xbox 360 Slim
    - Xbox 360
    - Resistance 2 (PS3)
    - Blaster Master (PS1)

    - Dremel Stylus
    - Star Wars Episodes 4/5/6 VHS Boxed Set
    - Star Wars Episode 1 VHS
    - Halo: Reach Spartan HAZOP (Green) Figure
    - Halo: Reach Spartan Mark V (B) (Yelow/Gold) Figure
    - Gundam Virtue 1/144 FG Model Kit
    - Gundam Dyname 1/144 FG Model Kit
    - Ultimate Action Ghost Wild Animal (Bionicle knockoff)
    - Ultimate Action Wind Sword Vs. Tsunami Sign (Bionicle knockoff)

    And here's the stuff I'm looking for...

    - Any Botcon 2011 figures (except Galvatron and Thundercracker)
    - Fansproject Shadow Commander
    - Generations Warpath
    - Reveal the Shield Windcharger
    - G1 Star Saber
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