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    The MAY Writing Comp has posted at Cybertron's Core!

    Voting is open til the 16th.

    The new theme for-

    MAY- Mini-Mayhem!!!

    Among larger and more powerful Transformers, how do the smaller Minibots, cassetticons, Head-Target-Micromasters, etc, make their presense known and prove their worth to those who could simply step on them and end their existence?

    On or off the battlefield, your choice. Any character or continuity.

    We've provided the theme, you provide the rest!


    The Fine Print

    1. Completed pieces must be returned to no later than 6:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on, 31st of May 2011.
    2. Stories must be in either .doc or .txt format.
    3. Stories must be no longer than 600 words long.
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