Masterpiece Transformers, Binaltechs, 3rd party TFs and more for sale!!!

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    Here's an updated list of items I have for sale. I have dropped the prices down a bit to encourage a sale, I haven't recieved any offers here so please don't be shy to ask. I need some rent money soon or i'm bumming.

    1. Takara Masterpiece MPM-02 Bumblebee.(new,sealed)..$200.00
    2. Igear Masterpiece PP-03 Storm.(new)........................$70.00 (SOLD)
    3. Crazy Devy Rumble and Frenzy upgrades.(new)...........$30 each
    4. Trns-01 Valkre(Arcee) by impossible toys.(new sealed..$90.00
    5. Trns-02 Medic by impossible toys. (new,sealed)..........$80.00
    6. PE-11 Scouting Force X by Perfect Effect.(new)............$70.00 (sold)
    7. Binaltechs BT-01 Smokescreen, BT-02 Lambor, BT-09 Swindle,BT-12 Overdrive, BT-16 Skids. (all complete, but opened) please make an offer as it appears my prices were not acceptable to some people.
    8. G1 Ultra Magnus (missing small fists and one waist band).....$40.00
    9. G1 Perceptor complete with tech, lite chrome wear on base....$30.00
    10.G1 minibots Brawn, Beachcomber, Pipes, Gears, Windcharger.$8-10 each
    11.Blitzwing complete with new decals, lite paint wear..............$35

    I am also considering selling my MPM-01 Starscream to the right person for the right price. Anybody interested please send me a message and well will go from there.

    Thanks for looking!!!!!

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    PM sent

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