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    Picking up from where I left off a little while ago, I now continue with my series of summaries for the Transformers manga published in Japan's TV Magazine back in the 80's. All credit once again to DrSpengler, who did the really hard work for this set - while the previous mangas were generally easy to follow through their art, a lot of Masterforce requires knowing the dialogue to understand and enjoy what's going on, so he's been putting up with a bombardment of questions from the Japanese-illiterate (that's me!). Tons of notes this time around on the difference between the toys from east to west, and between the manga and anime itself. But we're done at last! So, GOD ON, already!

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    With the previous three manga series totalling twenty-four issues amongst them, thereby spanning two years (1986 through 1987) in monthly publication, Super-God Masterforce was where things got shook up a little. Running to twelve issues, it ran for the entirety of 1988, and, rather than being an accompaniment to the series, telling new stories that fitted in an around the existing episodes, Masterforce was an alternate version of the anime, retelling the story in a new, different way. In a first, each issue has a story title. Writer Masumi Kaneda was able to get across a few ideas in the manga that he did not in the series, and took some concepts in different directions.

    Since the ol' browser keeps dying each time I try pasting the text itself in here, I'll just fire up a link to the Allspark post.

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    I almost liked the manga more than the anime, truthfully.

    It focused more on the Autobot/Decepticon battles out in space, which the anime conveniently seemed to ignore. It also gave clearer explainations for Black Zarak being Scorponok, too.

    And, my favorite part of the manga, was the family-aspect that the Destrons had going. I thought that was great; Giga and Mega really treated Wilder, Bullhorn and (especially) Cancer as their kids, and in turn, the Headmaster Juniors really treated them as their parents.

    I teared-up when they explained Giga and Mega's origins, like a total wuss. I felt so sorry for them, especially when they showed that they were holding eachother's hand as they drowned. Awwww...

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