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    Looking for the following:

    Transformers (Original G1 Only)
    Bumblebee – Need Figure
    Cliffjumper – Need Figure
    Frenzy – Need Figure
    Hound – Need Gas Can, Machine Gun, Launcher, Missile
    Ironhide – Need Gun Post, Gun, Missile
    Jazz – Need Figure, Laser Rifle, Missile
    Laserbeak – Need Figure
    Megatron – Need Figure, Gun, Scope (3 parts), Barrel (2 parts), Stock (3 parts)
    Optimus Prime – Need R Arm, Blue Trailer Brace, R Fist, L Fist, Hose, Gas Pump
    Prowl – Need Figure, Laser Gun, Missile x2
    Ratchet – Need Missile, Gun Post
    Rumble – Need Figure
    Skywarp – Need Short Missile x2, L Rudder
    Starscream – Need Short Missile x2, and Laser
    Sunstreaker – Need Figure, R Fist, L Fist, Booster x1, Missile x2
    Thundercracker – Need Laser x1, Short Missile x2
    Trailbreaker – Need L Fist
    Wheeljack – Need Figure, L Spoiler, R Spoiler, L Wing, R Wing, Gun, Launcher x2, Missile x2,
    Astrotrain – Need Figure
    Blaster – Need Gun
    Blitzwing – Need Turret, T Mount w/ Screw
    Bombshell – Need Figure, Gun
    Camshaft – Need Everything
    Cosmos – Need Figure
    Downshift – Need Everything
    Kickback – Need Figure, Gun
    Omega Supreme – Need Figure, All Parts
    Overdrive – Need Everything
    Roadbuster – Need Figure, All Parts
    Scavenger – Need Devastator R Fist
    Shockwave – Need Figure, Barrel, Hose
    Shrapnel – Need Figure, Gun
    Skids – Need Figure, Twin Blaster, Launcher
    Sludge – Need Gun, Sword
    Smokescreen – Need Figure, L Launcher, R Launcher, Missile x2, Gun
    Snarl – Need Figure, Sword
    Swoop – Need Figure, Missile x2
    Thrust – Need Figure, Landing Gear, R Wing, L Wing, R Rudder, L Rudder, Missile x2
    Whirl – Need Figure, All Parts

    Air Raid – Need Figure
    Fire Flight – Need Figure, Gun
    Silverbolt – Need Ramp
    Skydive – Need Figure
    Slingshot – Need Figure, Gun

    Blades – Need Figure, Rifle
    First Aid – Need Figure, Gun, Cannon, Cannon Mount
    Groove – Need Figure, Gun
    Hot Spot – Need Figure, Head, L Fist, R Fist, L Foot, R Foot, L Shield, R Shield, Waist Piece, Hose x2 (2 parts), Gun
    Streetwise – Need Figure, Cannon Connector, Gun

    Blast Off – Need Figure
    Brawl – Need Figure
    Onslaught – Need Figure
    Swindle – Need Figure
    Vortex – Need Figure, Gun, Blades, L Cannon, R Cannon

    Breakdown – Need Figure, Gun, Cannon, Cannon Mount
    Drag Strip – Need Figure, Cannon, Cannon Mount
    Motormaster – Need Figure, Sword, R Fist, L Fist, R Foot, L Foot, Head, Blast Shield, Rifle

    Divebomb – Need Figure, Wings, Sword, Left Fist
    Headstrong – Need Sword
    Rampage – Need Sword
    Razorclaw – Need Figure, Cannon
    Tantrum – Need Sword

    Mini Cars
    Hubcap – Need Figure
    Outback – Need Figure, Gun
    Tailgate – Need Figure

    Eject – Need Figure
    Ramhorn – Need Figure, L Gun, R Gun
    Ratbat – Need Figure, Gun x2
    Rewind – Need Figure
    Steeljaw – Need Figure

    Movie Figures
    Blurr – Need Shield
    Broadside – Need Figure, Axe, Gun, Missile
    Cyclonus – Need Figure, Gun
    Galvatron – Need Figure, Cannon Mount, Cannon Barrel, “Y” Brace, Gun
    Gnaw – Need Figure, Gun, Tail
    Hot Rod – Need Figure, Short Photon Laser
    Kup – Need Figure, Gun
    Metroplex – Need Shoulder Antenna, Missile x2, Rear Tower
    Octane – Need Figure, Shield, Gun
    Rodimus Prime – Need Figure, Trailer
    Sandstorm – Need Figure, Gun
    Scourge – Need Gun, Missile
    Springer – Need Figure, Blades, Gun
    Ultra Magnus – Need L Small Fist, Missile Launcher x1, Cab Connector x2
    Wreck-Gar – Need Figure, Gun, Axe, Wheel

    Overkill – Need Figure
    Slugfest – Need Figure, Gun x2
    Grandslam – Need Figure
    Raindance – Need Figure

    Lightspeed – Need Figure, Hand Gun, Side Gun x2
    Strafe – Need Front Cannon, Hand Gun
    Afterburner – Need Figure & Hand Gun
    Nosecone – Need Figure, Hand Gun, Rocket x2
    Scattershot – Need Chest Shield, L Fist

    Regular US Issue
    Ace (Blue Prop Plane)
    Bad Boy (Green Bomber)
    Bladz (Blue/Black Monster)
    Blaster (Green or Orange Missile Launcher)
    Block Head (Red Cement Truck)
    Bolt (Green Dual Tailed Plane)
    Bugsie (Orange Monster)
    Bullseye (White Sonic Jet)
    Cop-Tur (White/Blue Helicoptor)
    Crain Brain (Yellow Crane)
    Crasher – (Black Sports Car)
    Dart (Red Racing Motorcycle)
    Dozer (Orange Bull Dozer)
    Flip Top (Blue Helicoptor)
    Geeper Creeper (Green Army Jeep)

    Gunnyr (Red Fighter Jet)
    Hans-Cuff (White Police Car)
    Hornet (Light Blue/Purple Monster)
    Klaws (Orange/Blue Monster)
    Loco (Black Train)
    Mach-3 (Dark Grey Fighter Jet)
    Major Mo (Red Sports Car)
    Man-O-War (Battleship)
    Mr. Moto (Yellow ATV)
    Pumper (Red Fire Truck)
    Royal-T (Green British Air Force Jet)
    Scorp (Black Scorpion Monster)
    Scratch (Grey Bronco)
    Sky Jack (Grey Air Force Jet)
    Slicks (Black/Yellow Indy car)
    Small Foot (Red 4x4 Truck)
    Spay-C (White Space Shuttle)
    Tail-Pipe (Black or Red Sports Car)
    Twin Spin (Twin Blade Helicoptor)
    Zero (Green Japanese Fighter Plane)

    Super Go Bots
    Baron Von Joy (Silver Porsche)
    Clutch (Red Pick Up)
    Destroyer (Green Tank)
    Leader-1 (Larger Guardian Leader)
    Night Fright (Tan Helicoptor)
    Raizor (White Hover Jet)
    Spy Eye (Grey Jet)
    Staks (Semi Car Hauler) (Need 1 Stack and Trailer)
    Super Couper (Black Hot Rod)
    Throttle (Blue Motorcycle)
    Vamp (Green Monster)
    Zeemon (Red Nissan Z)

    Combiner Monsterous
    Fangs (Grey)
    Fright Face (Dark Blue)
    Gore Jaw (Light Blue)
    Heart Attack (Green)
    South Claw (Pink)
    Weird Wing (Red)

    Guardian Power Suit “Couragous”
    Power Jet
    Left Foot
    Right Foot
    Right Hand
    Left Hand
    Gun (4 pieces)

    Renegade Power Suit “Grungy”
    Power Jet
    Left Foot
    Right Foot
    Right Hand
    Left Hand
    Gun (4 pieces)

    Thruster (Renegade Space Shuttle Base)


    Regular Issue 1985-1986
    Outlaw Oil Truck – Complete vehicle, Nash Gorey, Power House Mask
    Thunder Hawk Firebird – ONLY Need 1 Bomb!
    Volcano Monster Van – Complete Vehicle, Lava Beam Mask, Matt Tracker, Wolf Beast Mask

    Racing Series 1987
    Bulldog Semi – NEED Missile, Orange Projectile
    Goliath Truck and Indy Car - Matt Tracker, Shroud Mask, Totem Mask
    Manta Nissan Z – NEED Passenger Ejection Seat
    Meteor – Ace Riker, Cruise Control Mask
    Razorback Race Car - NEED Front Grill Missile
    Wildcat Tow Truck – Complete Vehicle, Ditcher Mask

    Playsets and Adventure Packs
    Boulder Hill Playset – Need Slide Door Section w/ Doors
    Coast Patrol - Have Matt Tracker w/ Mask & 1 Torpedo need rest
    Collector Playset – Complete Playset, Disrupter Mask
    Jungle Challenge – Have Matt Tracker, Gun and Binocs need rest
    Pit Stop Catapult Playset – Complete Playset, Saw Blade Mask

    I have for trade G1 Jetfire complete (crack on shoulder), GI Joe Rolling Thunder Playset, big collection of MOTU, a few odds and ends of TF, JOE, & MASK.

    Also have used video games, sealed XB360 games, comics & DVD's

    Of course I always have $$$$ to buy with as well.

    Thanks for the look!

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    You do realize there is a "Wanted" forum to post want lists in, right?
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    i have
    magnus small left fist
    skywarp all parts
    starscream short bombsx2
    ko prime trailer parts hose,nozzle and other
    astrotrain(what condition are you looking for)

    i can send pics if needed

    pm me with offers
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