Massive Spider Man Legends/Classics lot 20 total

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by SentinelPrime, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Hi there! I've decided to part ways with my rather large Spider Man Legends/Classics 6" figures. There's 20 total, including:

    2 versions of Spidey
    The Vulture
    Classic Rhino
    Classic Scorpion
    V1. Mysterio
    Electro from Boxset
    Classic Green Goblin w/Glider
    Movie 3 Mary Jane
    Kingpin from 2-pack
    Daredevil from 2-pack
    Lizard from boxset
    Movie Venom
    Hobgoblin w/ glider
    Black Cat
    Iron Spider V1
    Target Exclusive Black costume Spider Man from Red Hulk Wave

    Here's a gallery for ya:

    All are in like-new condition, kept on display only in a non-smoking, adult home away from sunlight.

    I'm asking a very reasonable $200 for the lot, which breaks down to just $10 a figure. There's some pretty tasty figures in there, particularly the Sinister Six boxset guys.

    I've had some successful trades and the like around here in the past, here's links to a few feedback threads:

    Daredrummer A+++++ - TNI Forums
    daredrummer - TNI Forums
    Daredrummer - good and honest trader! - TNI Forums
    Cool Trade with Daredrummer - TNI Forums
    My Go To Guys - TNI Forums

    I'm paypal verified 7.

    Guaranteed shipping within 2 business days or I'll refund your shipping costs.

    Shipping varies according to your location, but I don't charge any handling fees or nonsense like that. We'll check out the USPS website according to your address.

    Please feel free to ask any questions at all! PM for any info.

    I'm placing this on a couple of other sites as well, but tell anyone you know that may be interested. I also have many, many GI Joe vehicles I'm about to sell as well.

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    willing to split these up?

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