Massive Classics/Henkei sale

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    Please read before contacting me

    -I only accept Paypal
    -I only ship to Canada and the USA
    -I will not break up any lots so please do not send me PMs asking me to do so.
    -I do not hold items for people I have not dealt with before. Generally I expect to receive payment within 48 hours after we have agreed on a deal and I send out the invoice.
    -I generally try to ship items within 48 hours, but do not ship on weekends.
    -Shipping with tracking and insurance is generally $11 in Canada and $20 to the USA. If you are only buying a single deluxe I can ship to the USA for about $8-$10 but it will not include tracking or insurance and I will not be held accountable for lost or damaged items if you choose that service.
    -I am not looking for any trades.
    -I am pretty firm on these prices. I am willing to haggle if you spend a lot (ie $100 + ) but I will not respond to lowballers.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

    All items are complete with paperwork and parts, some are just not included in the photos. (I apologize for the poor photos). They were all used for display only and most have only been transformed a couple of times and come from a smoke free home and were stored away from any sunlight.
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