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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by NotFastEnuff, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I just got a lot of MASK vehicles. Nothing is complete, some are broken, but, some have good chrome and good parts. They might be good to piece together, or just to part out. I don't wanna part them out myself. Make an offer. Pm for details on a particular vehicle. Here goes:
    all are dusty
    Bulldog (blue cabover semi): missing front bumper and top of cab, stickers-some are worn-some are nice, chrome looks good
    Firefly (orange/white dune buggy): missing front tires, guns at wing tips, bomb and all decals, pretty good chrome on engine, works
    Piranaha (purple motorcycle w/sidcar): sticker wear, bike windshield has broken tab,
    Raven (black Corvette): has damage to hood graphics, missing doors, screws rusty, still works
    Rhino: (maroon semi): sticker and chrome wear, missing doors, satalite thingy on top of sleeper, both doors on sleeper, and fifth wheel: ejector seat and battering ram work, still has little detachable vehicle
    Switchblade (blue plane/helicopter): no rotors, bomb, or stickers, otherwise pretty nice, wings don't pop out (don't remember how to do it, so they may actually work), otherwise all features work, good chrome
    Thunderhawk (red Camaro): no tires, no bombs, otherwise fairly nice

    Just make offers. There are no masks or drivers for these. There are also not anymore parts. Thanks for looking.

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