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    I live in a college apartment and I don't have much room to display stuff. Rather than letting my collection sit in storage, I've decided to provide them a better home, and maybe I can have my bookcases full when I graduate college.

    I accept paypal, will combine shipping for multiples purchased.

    All items come loose and complete unless otherwise stated. I am a non-smoker, kept them out of sunlight, and take great care to keep my figures looking good.

    Beast Wars/Beast Machines

    - Ultra Jetstorm (MISB, no chrome flaking)
    - Voyager BW Polar Claw (little chipped and scratched)
    - Takara D-11 Inferno
    - Takara Lio Convoy
    - Takara Heinlad
    - Combiner Beast Wars Tripredacus (MIB, C7+ box)


    - RID Landfill (Yellow Walmart Exclusive)


    - Combiner Energon Superion Maximus (autobot symbol on Storm Jet slightly faded)


    - Deluxe Cybertron Defense Hotshot
    - Deluxe Cybertron Excellion
    - Deluxe Cybertron Skywarp
    - Deluxe Cybertron Thundercracker
    - Voyager Cybertron Crumplezone
    - Voyager Cybertron Soundwave

    Transformers Animated

    - Deluxe Animated Samurai Prowl
    - Deluxe Animated Soundwave
    - Voyager Animated Grimlock
    - Voyager Animated Shockwave (Purple Exclusive)
    - Combiner Animated Jetfire/Jetstorm

    Classics (CHUG)

    - Deluxe Universe Nightslash Cheetor
    - Deluxe Classics Starscream
    - Deluxe Classics Skywarp
    - Voyager Universe Treadshot
    - Voyager Universe Blades
    - Voyager Universe Dropshot
    - Voyager Universe Vector Prime
    - Universe Constructicon Devastator (missing Long Haul)

    TFTM 2007

    - Deluxe Arcee (Purple)
    - Deluxe Bumblebee (battle mask version)
    - Deluxe Divebomb
    - Deluxe Dreadwing
    - Deluxe Overcast
    - Voyager Inferno
    - Voyager Starscream (w/ Reprolabels)


    - Deluxe Arcee
    - Deluxe Chromia
    - Deluxe Gears
    - Deluxe Ice Cream Truck Twins
    - Deluxe Sideways
    - Deluxe Smokescreen
    - Deluxe Thrust
    - Voyager Mixmaster
    - Voyager Optimus Prime
    - Leader Optimus Prime
    - Human Alliance Bumblebee
    - Human Alliance Skids
    - Combiner ROTF Superion Maximus


    FP products
    Japanese Lines - Henkei, United, Takara Animated
    2010 Primus or Unicron
    or just direct me to your list

    Thanks for looking!

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