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    Hi there. I don't post much, so apologies if this looks like spam. Some of you know me from the last two Auto Assembly UK cons, where I ran the Toy-fu stall with my army of volunteers. All of Toy-fu's profits go to a children's charity called Mary's Meals, along with a portion of AA's charity auction and raffle money. Well, there's an opportunity coming up for us to help raise a lot more money for their incredible work, with a little help from CNN.

    CNN Heroes 2010 - Everyday People Changing the World - Special Reports from

    Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow, one of Mary's Meals' founders, is up for the CNN Heroes award, which will mean $100,000 for the charity if he gets the most votes. $10 can feed a child in Malawi at school for an entire year, so 100 large is 10,000 kids. That's way more than we can help with a toy stall, so please take a minute out to register your vote for this awesome dude. You can read more about the charity and his fine work here:

    CNN Heroes 2010 - Top 10 CNN Hero: Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow - Special Reports from

    Thanks for your time, folks.

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    voted. hope he wins thats great charity

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