Marvel Universe deluxe: 10 Volume TPBs vs Essential

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    I bought the 10 volume Marvel Universe TPB set back in the 80. It always frustrated me that Cloud and Arnim Zola - who appear on the issue covers - had seemingly been left out the reprinted volumes. I now own the Essential Marvel Universe Dlx Edition and have finally read the profiles. But I thought I'd have a look and see who else lost out in the reprint stakes:

    Missing from the TPBs:

    Arnim Zola
    Black Out 1
    Ghost Rider - listed as Phantom Rider 3
    Kraven The Hunter 2
    Purple Man 1
    Sin Eater
    Spymaster 1
    Appendix to Alien Races
    DEAD: Ghaur 4

    1 All were dead by the time the TPBs were out and thus had a Dead entry so removing their alive entry was no great loss
    2 Was dead by the time the TPBs were published but didn't get a Dead entry.
    3 Was also dead but they printed him in the main and dead sections. Hobgoblin likewise appears in both. That's a good 6 pages they could have save.
    4 Appears in the live entry and not the dead - I'm not award he was resurrected in the mean time

    Water Wizzard isn't indexed in the original printing but is there

    Dr Sun & Dr Dorcas have their order reversed in the TPB printing

    Headmen have a new entry which is a cut down version of their update entry and not reproduced at the back of updater

    Angel's entry at the back of Update is a mere reprinting of the original - the updated version has him in his X-Factor gear.

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