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Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by whiskeytango, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Like alot of people, I wasn't fully aware of how ridiculously awesome Nightcrawler could be until I saw that opening White House scene in X-Men 2. After that, I was hooked. I've always light the Marvel Legends Nightcrawler, but I have three problems with:

    A) I'm not crazy about his V shaped shoulder pads

    B) He has some what repetitive torso articulation

    C) His face doesn't really accurately represent his character. He's supposed to be something of a handsome devil beneath all the fur, but on the official version, he looks like some lantern jaw guido with his hair spiked up like that.

    SO, I went about changing those things. His modern costume is, in my opinion, an inspired design. It retrains most of his classic elements, including the fetching color scheme, but with a more refrained design, so I went with that. To fix problem B, I went with one of my favorite ML bodies, which I want to say was originally used on the Urban Legends Daredevil, though it could have originated elsewhere. This one in particular is an X-Men Classics Archangel. Its got insanely good articulation, and I feel like the angular pecs sort of fit along with Kurts otherwordly physique. Throw the ML Nightcrawlers hands, feet, and tail on, and I was set. Lastly, I his face: I used an X-Men Classics Birds of Prey Angel head, which is about as handsome as action figures get, with ML Nightcrawlers ears transplanted on, then I sculpted on some side burns to hide the gap.

    Throw on a NECA Jack Sparrow bandoleer and cutlass, and you've got the perfect (in my opinion) modern Nightcrawler. He's available on ebay right now at: Custom Marvel Legends Modern Nightcrawler X-men - eBay (item 190386499384 end time Apr-11-10 15:47:14 PDT)

    Heres a little WiP GIF to show off his poseability:


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    Nice job! He looks great!!!:thumbs2: 
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    love the head man, great job

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