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    So I went ahead and signed up for 3 months while I was at comic-con primarily just to get my Nick Fury MU figure (Fuckin awesome fig, btw).

    I have to say, I might stick with this longer than I thought. I've got access to a shit load of comics without having to go buy the damn things to find out if I'll actually like them or not. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely NO substitute for actually picking up the books and reading them, but it is pretty damn good quality for what it aims to accomplish, and that is allowing the readers to acclimate themselves with character stories they may otherwise never have invested money into reading or collecting, as well as catch up on classic stories they never got to read or collect.

    I've already gone through a bunch of the Wolverine solo series and know what I will buy (Old man Logan is getting my money) and won't buy (Loeb, I'm looking at you and your Lupine/Romulous BS!). Cable and Deadpool have me ready to go buy some books, I'm reading the Infinity Gauntlet story now (please don't chastise me for not having read it until now:eek: ) and I can't wait to catch up on a plethora of other stories after!

    Are there any recommendations any of you have for must read stories? I figure I might as well get my money's worth while I still have access to this thing.

    Any questions you guys have about the Digital comic experience I'd be happy to answer as best I can, otherwise please hit me back with must reads.

    Thanks guys!
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