Marvel bust/statue question?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by wheeljack01, Aug 10, 2006.

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    I see so many different companies making marvel busts/statues and I want to know the best and a little info on the coolest busts the ymake. I have heard tons about the bowen ones but not much about the others. Why is there not just one company instead of 3 or 4? I have seen a preorder for a havok and polaris busts that are coming out by bowen so I may get them. All comments are appreciated.
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    To answer your question about licensing out to 3 or 4 companies is a matter of money. Marvel, DC, etc.. will slap a character on anything for the right price.

    My personal favorite statues are by Bowen and sculpted by Bowen as well, not all the statues from there are sculpted by him. Another favorite is Hard Hero, they have an awesome Hawkeye.

    I also prefer the full statues, not just the busts. Sometimes I notice a full statue will come out, then a few months later a bust will come out made from the same mold.

    My favorite statue to come out to date is Bowen's Juggernaut. I'm kicking myself for not buying it. There is on on display at the comic shop I hangout/work at, but not for sale.

    My suggestion is to buy what you like and do some comparisons of how much you are paying to the quality of the piece.
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    I rarely buy statues and busts. They just take up to much room and are way to costly. The only one out right now that i want is the War Machine bust which is not in short supply so I'm just waiting for a sale on it. Otherwise the Iron Man maniquettes are nice but not $150 nice.

    Currently I have the Ultimate Iron man bust and the statues. Not sure who made either but both are very nice. However I did break the front of the Ult bust and had to superglue it back on.

    But all complanies have quality stuff if you are careful with it. Buy what you like and shop around.
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    In my experience if you want a quality product that will look nice and hold it's value then go with Bowen. A large part of their busts/statues either retain their value or go up if you ever have to sell it. Plus they just look a lot nicer than most other stuff out there.
    Diamond Select has a few nice products out there but they're just missing that little something extra that Bowen products have.

    My only other advice would also be just buy what you like, and with these eBay can be your friend. You can often find busts and statues for a fraction of their retail cost on eBay, at least when they're first released.

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