Marvel Annihilation #3 [SPOILERS]

Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by Vangelus, Oct 13, 2006.

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    This mini frigging RULES.

    I mean, we all knew Super Skrull would revive. Praxagora wouldn't be carting around a corpse like that for any other reason. Even so, his entrance to the scene was great. :lol 

    And it seems Ronan reads CW. "Even if your champions were capable of acting in unison..." I know it's not a direct ref, but I still chuckled.

    Totally strikes me that Annihilation is being used to wipe the slate clean as far as the Heralds go (granted, Nova basically said "dead doesn't mean much out here"), only it seems they're getting decent swan songs. Air-Walker became a sun, Stardust and Red Shift taking on the Galactus-Battery Destructo Beam, etc. I mean yeah, Terrax the bugzombie is a little meh, but at least he got to say something vaguely badass.

    Oh, and Super Skrull + Ronan should be fun.

    Annihilation is pure awesome.
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    Blast! I was to busy to make a run to my local comic shop. One thing I love about this series is because I enjoy Marvel's cosmic heros esecially the Silver Surfer.
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    I should've put up a thread about this one a couple of days ago. I would've been a little more melodramatic about it, though. The title would've gone "They've turned Galactus into a weapon (Ann #3, etc)".

    It kind of had to happen. He had his own Annilation mini-series heading into it. Everyone else who did is having a major role in this (Surfer's will come later, of course).

    Well, I chuckled more since Nova obviously doesn't read CW.

    "'Who are you sending it to?'
    'Reed Richards. He has access to the Negative Zone'"

    He might as well have sent it to Dr. Doom, since Richards is currently taking plays from Doom's playbook by imprisoning people in the Negative Zone. Why send it to the guy who's having to copy the works of others to get things done?

    Yeah, Annihilation is one of the few titles that I am truly looking forward to every issue as it comes out.

    And, yeah, the heralds used to be able to form their own support group (or super team). Since Terrax probably wasn't teleported off Daedalus 5 before the Galactus Beam struck it, that only leaves two of Galactus' heralds alive, the Surfer and Firelord. It's kind of a shame, I was warming up to Stardust.

    Supposedly, the title was supposed to be changing the Cosmic status quo for everybody, not just the Heralds. It seems to be doing it, too. Look at the condition the Skrulls and Kree are in.

    I just hope Joey Q. had no hand in determining what certain characters goals and motivations are, otherwise this is going to resolve as a crapfest. If it's just the event's writer (Keith Giffen) who set down how things are, then this is going to have a spectacular ending.

    I say this because Giffen wrote the last half of the Thanos series and demonstrated he knew exactly how that character should be written after he picked up the torch from the character's creator (Starlin - whom someone high up enough at Marvel pissed off enough to cause him to walk. No bonus points for guessing that one since it's too obvious).

    Assuming Giffen is in control, things make sense. Thanos doesn't follow others' orders unless it's part of his plan for something more. He also didn't need to kidnap Moondragon to motivate Drax one way or another. It does provide good cover for why he would grab one of the most powerful telepaths in existence, though. Then there's the exchange in this issue which could be interpreted as the genius explaining things to someone who just recently demonstrated impatience at hearing a detailed explanation:

    Annihilus - You will tell me all.
    Thanos - All that you need to know...

    Aegis and Tenebrous are only on Annilus's side because of the bargain that Thanos struck with them. Thanos also seems to have missed telling Annilus that the Quantum Bands that the A-bug is now wielding can't absorb Cosmic Power energy in any way, including blasts thereof.

    To quote another character with deep and complex plans: "Future developments should prove interesting..."

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