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    Right, just had a clearout of my g1 spares. Here are the terms n'stuff.
    - all prices are in GBP and include postage,HOWEVER minimum order is 7 to make it worthwhile posting.
    - all payment by paypal gift please.
    - UK only unless its a fantastic offer!
    - photos on request, not got round to it yet!
    - someone can have the lot for 40 posted if they want

    Metroplex. Missing missiles, double red gun, small car arms and both small guns, six gun chest 15

    Grimlock, no weapons, missing one gold rear toe 10

    Slag, no weapons, tail snapped off, included. 5

    Flywheels, no weapon 5

    Battletrap, no weapon 5

    Cosmos 7

    Huffer, one arm missing, will chuck in free with anything else ( if wanted!)

    Kickback, no weapon 6

    Swerve 4

    Seaspray 4

    Goldbug 4

    Chase 4

    Searchlight 4

    Getaway, no parts but does have instructions 6

    Pretender vroom, inner robot only 6

    Powermaster prime 1 large gun 1

    Nightbeat large gun 1

    Needlenose with zigzag targetmaster 15

    Quake targetmaster heater only 5

    Micromasters complete sets of four
    Race car patrol 5
    Rescue patrol 5
    Off road patrol 5

    Airwave, figure only 2

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