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    So it's becoming clear to me that map knowledge is equally if not more important than point and shoot prowess. This really isn't a surprise for me, but the overshields especially are really important. Think Quake Red Armor/mega health. So that said, I went into every map and here is what I've found. No using this against me in game, only against the outsiders!

    If people provide pictures or diagrams I can and will update this post.

    In alpha order....

    Type - Square symmetric (2 axis)
    Size - Medium
    Health packs(4)/shield(1) - 1 outside of each base. 1 along sides. Shield in center, top level
    CTF - Each end is the bases in capture the flag, 2 entrances on either side of the bases. Outer entrances loop around and above the flag.
    Conquest - Looking out from the bases the nodes for Conquest are on the right exit. Node C has close health pack making B/C the best 2 to hold.
    Choke/Strategy - n/a

    Type - Symmetric about 1 axis
    Size - small
    Health packs(8)/Shield(2) - 1 by nodes, 1 in lower entrance, 1 in back at top of ramp, 1 by front entrance. shield on left side when exiting bases on gangway
    CTF - approach from side gangways, you get shield plus flank.
    Conquest - snipe middle from windows.
    Choke/Strategy - Most will congregate to the center. upper platforms good for covering with health packs not far away. can double jump from platform into node room as well.
    * Lots of energon packs on this map, if you can't find one when you need it you need to learn the map better.

    Type - Grossly non symmetric
    Size - Large
    Health packs(6)/Shield(2) - 1 Health pack inside bases, 1 in side base entrance. 1 by side entrance to center choke. Overshields located in right side tunnels when exiting from either base on the right.
    CTF - right side approaches best as you come in from high or behind.
    Conquest - A/B easiest to hold. Shortest distance and do not have to cross through choke.
    Choke/Strategy - All on same plane except tunnels with overshield. Planes must fly low to get through center/tunnels.

    Orbital Debris
    Type - Symmetric 1 axis
    Size - Large
    Health packs(3?)/Shield(1) - Health/ammo down the hole as you exit each base. 1 Health pack in the tunnel gangway in the center near node 3. Shield on opposite side wreckage with ammo
    CTF - Pretty wide open, although only 1 side entrance to each base from the ground.
    Conquest - Underground nodes not to far from health/ammo. Not much cover to defend from inside the ring. Shockwave would work well to clear B and knock people off the map. Lots of places above for scientists to snipe.
    Choke/Strategy - top middle seems like a death trap, not hard to approach from below once you know the layout.

    Type - non symmetric
    Size - Large and complex
    Health packs(8)/Shield() - 2 In each base, 1 towards middle. 1 above C, one below. Overshield on gangway next to A
    CTF - Many entrances to each base. Good back door to autobots, only 2nd entrance to decepticon base from above
    Conquest - A/C best to hold. All nodes up on platforms, know how to get up to them and what health packs are handy.
    Choke/Strategy - Get up top and stay up top. Know the health packs. You can double jump into C nodes window.

    Molten *Demo map*
    Type - 1 axis symmetric
    Size - Medium
    Health packs(12)/Shield(1) - 1 inside each base, hell all over the place. Overshield in lower center.
    CTF - approach/exit up the ramp or to the right from the bases. best cover.
    Conquest - mine up entrance from mid, kill the dummies there. Easy to heal up constantly.

    Type - Symmetric
    Size - Small
    Health packs(7)/Shield() - 1 in lower base, one at top of ramp, one in long ramp towards Mid. one above C
    CTF -
    Conquest - Take long ramp towards C or stay on low ground to bypass the handy health packs.

    Seed of corruption
    Type - non symmetric
    Size - Large
    Health packs(12)/Shield(1) - 1 in base, 1 in side entrance, 1 outside main door close, 1 on outer platform, 2 by mid. shield up
    CTF -
    Conquest - approach from sides in A/C. B guard from in site with 2 health packs, or above with shield.
    Choke/Strategy - Soooo many health packs. Don't be a scrub and attack from the main level, so many better options. 2 rooms on either side, soundwaves control room and a solar system room are both options depending on what faction you are.

    Basic gist is... if you are on a bigger map there are so many health packs you should never need to not have full life for every fight you get in to.

    More to come as I discover it

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