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    Hey there, here is a list of Transformers I have for sale. All of them are still in boxes and sealed, never open. So let me know if someone is interested in something or whole lot. I will do a special price for the whole lot. I can ship for Canada and the USA and for worldwide, I will have to check the expedition pricing.

    2007 Movie - Optimus Prime

    2007 Movie - Bumblebee
    2007 Movie - Stealth Bumblebee
    2007 Movie - Barricade
    2007 Movie - Evac
    Revenge of the Fallen - Starscream
    Revenge of the Fallen - Optimus Prime Deluxe
    Revenge of the Fallen - Sideways
    Revenge of the Fallen - Sideswipe
    Robot in Disguise 2002 - Galvatron
    Robot in disguise 2002 - Optimus Prime Car Transporter

    you can send me an email :
    if you need pictures and details !!! I use paypal !!!


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