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    I know some of you folks on here pick up Power Ranger Zords as well, so I thought I'd give this a shot. I'd normally sell these on eBay, but I don't feel like listing them.

    Everything has been described to the best of my ability, but if you want to know more about an item, just ask.

    Prices are listed, but if you're interested in a couple items, I can cut you a deal. Not really trying to make a profit here, just trying to clear out this stuff.

    I prefer PayPal as payment, but will accept money order if really needed.
    I do not have a feedback thread here, however, I have a 100% on eBay.

    Hope this thread helps somebody...


    Season 1_______________________________
    *Triceratops Zord (missing horns and tail laser) $3
    *One half Blue Power Lance $3

    Season 2_______________________________
    *Red Dragon Thunderzord (missing Dragon/zord head and all other accessories) $5
    *Unicorn Thunderzord (no accessories, great stickers) $4
    *Griffin Thunderzord (no accessories, great stickers) $4

    Season 3_______________________________
    *Wolf Ninja Zord (x2--one has a chewed tail) $3/$1
    *Bear Ninja Zord (Missing stickers) $3
    *Miniature Falcon Zord (majorly faded) Free-just pay shipping

    *Deluxe Warrior Wheel (center gold chrome has wear) $5
    *Zeo Zord I-Pink armorment (nice shape, missing helmet) $3
    *Zeo Zord III-Sphinx (good shape, 2 peeling stickers, includes helmet) $5
    *Zeo Zord IV-Bull (nice shape, missing helmet) $3
    *Zeo Zord V-Phoenix (nice shape, missing helmet) $3
    *Super Zeo Zord I-pink (great shape) $3
    *Super Zeo Zord II-yellow (great shape, includes megazord head) $3
    *Super Zeo Zord IV-green (great shape, x2) $3/$3
    * Super Zeo Zord V-red ( good shape, top point of center star shows wear) $3
    *Auric, The Conqueror (no key, right side latch is broken, won't stay shut) $2
    *Zeo Blaster Set: Pink Shield, Blue Axe, Green Hatchet, Red Sword, Zeo Sword (Great Shape, missing Yellow Clubs and Zeo Gun) $7
    *Golden Power Staff (x2, would need to be combined into one) $5


    *Turbo Zord 2-Mountain Blaster (nice shape) $3
    *Rescue Zord 1-Lightning Fire Tamer (left leg is snapped off, missing roof) $1
    *Rescue Zord 2-Siren Blaster (x2, good shape) $3/$3
    *Rescue Zord 4-Star Racer (x2, good shape, one has a broken off arm) $3/$1
    *Rescue Zord 5-Wind Rescue (good shape, x2) $3/$2

    Lightspeed Rescue________________________

    *Hydro Rescue 2 (good shape, missing roof guns, one peeling sticker) $3
    *5.5 Inch non-transforming Lightspeed Megazord (missing sword) $1
    *Titanium Morpher PM me with offer
    *Titanium Axe PM me with offer

    Time Force______________________________

    *Time Shadow Megazord large transforming weapon $3
    *Quantum Morpher Remote Control PM me with offer

    Wild Force______________________________

    *5 inch Wild Force Action Megazord (missing tiger head) $1
    *Loose Tiger zord (awesome shape) $3
    * Wildforce Megazord (only missing Shark Zord) PM me with offer

    Ninja Storm_____________________________

    * Power Sphere 01: Serpent Sword (missing sphere halves) $3

    Dino Thunder____________________________

    *Deluxe Thundersaurus Megazord (Excellent shape, missing Pterazord though) PM me with offer
    *Ankylo Zord (missing back plate, tail) $1

    Mystic Force____________________________

    *loose Mystic Minotaur (no weapon) $4

    Operation Overdrive______________________

    *miniature Flash Point Megazord (Excellent Shape) $4

    Hope you guys find these prices reasonable, if not, just let me know.
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Hmm....either my prices are deemed high or just no one is interested. If no one seems interested by tonight, they're just going on ebay. $9.99 starting bid for the lot....

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