Many G1's for sale, some with boxes

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Covain, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Images can be seen on my imageshack page.

    Hey all. I have a bunch of G1s for sale with Canadian boxes and paperwork. I have been working on cleaning them and as I do I will add some pics. I have added the total list of the ones I will be selling for info and I will amend the list as I get them ready. Asking for cash and trades. Priorities go to trades. I don't have a paypal account that accepts credit cards but I do accept paypal. Prices are in Canadian $. These are unfortuneatley not from a smoke free home. The bots themselves don't smell of smoke but the inside of the boxes do have a slight smoke smell. I've tried to air the smoke smell out and it isn't to bad but you can still smell it abit. Items in blue are on hold.

    Metroplex - Good shape, missing some parts $35
    Starscream - Good shape, missing some parts $30
    Chromedome - No instructions, missing guns, no stickers, box $40
    Snapdragon - Instructions, Box, Complete, No stickers $80
    Overkill - Complete $25
    Slugfest - Complete $25
    Cliffjumper - Complete $6
    Freeway - Complete $3
    Sports Car Patrol - Complete $8
    MM Battle Squad - Missing Planes and turret $6
    Battle Patrol - Complete $8
    Race Car Patrol - Complete $8
    Race Track Patrol - Missing Ground Hog (Blue Car) Roller Force (red Car) $4
    Air Strike Patrol - Complete $8
    Off Road Patrol - Complete $8
    Windsweeper - Guns stick a bit $4
    Dogfight - Rough Shape, good for parts $1
    Ramjet - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Ransack - Instructions, good stickers, missing shield, box $35
    Razorclaw - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Tantrum - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Headstrong - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Rampage - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Divebomb - Instructions, Good box, complete $50
    Shrapnel - Instructions, Missing some stickers, Complete, box $25
    Kickback - Instructions, Missing some stickers, Complete, box $20
    Bombshell - Instructions, Missing some stickers, Complete, box $25
    Topspin - Instructions, Missing some stickers, Complete, box $15
    Sludge - Instructions, Missing sword, some stickers, box $70
    Ultra Magnus
    Galvatron - Instructions, Complete, Missing stickers, box, Electronics work from torso button $50
    Waverider - Instructions, Complete, Box $30
    Astrotrain - Instructions, Good stickers, Complete, box $45
    Blitzwing - Instructions, Good stickers, Complete, box $45
    Countdown - Instructions, All stickers, Complete, Sun damage to missle and launch tower, Box $60
    Devastor #1- Mint, Complete with all small guns, perfect chrome $120
    Devastor #2- Excellent, Missing one small gun, excellent chrome $100
    Space Case - Complete, Instructions $8
    Catilla Box - C6 $10
    Pretender Starscream Box - C8 $15
    Bomburst Box - C8 $20
    Iguanus Box - C8 $15
    Pretender Grimlock Box - C8 $15
    Groundbreaker Box - C7 $15
    Cloudburst Box - C8 $20
    Submarauder Box - C7 $15
    Roadgrabber Box - C7 $15
    Carnivac Box - C6 $10


    AM Blaster
    AM Bumblebee
    AM Grimlock
    AM Inferno
    AM Jackpot
    AM Jazz
    AM Kick-Off
    AM Mainframe
    AM Over-Run
    AM Roll-out
    AM Wheeljack
    Hot Rod -Target Master Car only, don’t need TM
    Pretender Bumblebee
    Pretender Chainclaw
    Pretender Crossblades
    Pretender Jazz
    Pretender Landmine
    Pretender Pincher
    Pretender Sky High
    Pretender Splashdown
    Pretender Vroom
    AM Axer
    AM Banzai-Tron
    AM Devastator
    AM Megatron
    AM Soundwave
    Pretender Birdbrain
    Pretender Bludgeon
    Pretender Bugly
    Pretender Finback
    Pretender Octopunch
    Pretender Scowl
    Pretender Skullgrin
    Pretender Snarler
    Pretender Stranglehold
    Pretender Thunderwing
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    I am interested in a ton of bots you got. Send me an email and we can get a deal going. My email is Thanks.
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