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    Hi people!! After looking at this mess that is a toy room, I am here to offer some of my stuff to you. Nothing set in stone All figures are loose and complete and have paperwork, if something is wrong with item I will let you know in description Prices are what I paid and my wants are on the bottom. If you buy I can only accept US postal service money orders or concealed cash. WILL ONLY SHIP IN THE US

    Classics/ Universe 2.0
    Inferno 15
    hardhead 20
    silverbolt 14
    powerglide red walmart exclusive. 20
    megatron 20
    astrotrain 15
    prowl 10
    smokescreen 10
    silverstreak 10
    ironhide 10
    cyclonus 15
    hound with ravage 15
    sunstreaker 10
    sideswipe 10
    galvatron 10
    mirage 15
    atrotrain henkei comes with packaking and paperwork...25
    hasbro online exclusives overkill, drag strip and megatron ..all mib and 10 dollars each
    armada unicron..complete but 1 missle has a chewed end to it..25
    classics starscream...had black liner puit to its wings..used rubbing alcohol to get rid of it and it faded it slightly on the wings...8
    universe sidswipe..complete but has 2 different colored blue thighs...8
    universe weapon just bot..6
    animated optimus prime..loose and complete voyager...12
    ROTF ratchet deluxe..loose and complete but slight stress mark on side door from transforming it
    botcon vector sigma...sealed in baggie 20
    TF club airrazor...40
    binaltech skids mib with unapplied stickers 35
    air attack optimus primal mib 35

    warbot...mib or misb...will trade heavily in your favor.
    MP megatron..mib no orange plug
    and throw out any other offers on figures since I need alot...thanks for looking
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    no price on deluxe ratchet.

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