Customs: Making a Deluxe Trailbreaker from SS Crowbar(?)

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    So I had an idea after I saw this piece on Crowbar and thought it looked a lot like Trailbreaker’s chest. 1FB2BEB5-F43B-45A8-A8D2-986E5564AD4F.jpeg So then I thought, what if it was possible to make him into Trailbreaker? And it looks like it’s somewhat possible. F44B3E30-5249-4AB5-8830-B10AA2201795.jpeg B3CF842B-C443-44AA-B977-BE4F20F717F8.jpeg I’ve kind of got an idea of how you could do it. You would remove the dreads, flip the arms and legs around at the bicep and thigh, replace the forearms, remove the wheels from the feet and reattach then on the arms in the wheel wells (maybe it would be possible to put them onto a folding hinge and attach it to the main body or something), replace the feet with something a little less monster-like, maybe find some way to have most of the backpack fold onto the old chest, replace the head with CW Trailbreaker’s head, maybe put the head ball joint up farther, a gun-hand that should probably be removable, and the force field generator and shoulder launcher would be from Shapeways.

    If Hasbro doesn’t have plans to make a new Trailbreaker then I’m going to go ahead and make my own. I think I’m going to wait until SS Crankcase comes out and give him a purpose. Plus it would save money on paint.

    So please tell me what you think of this idea, and anything that might be missing. I’d love to hear feedback!

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