By Generation: Make Your Own Unicron Planet Stand of Death and Chaos!

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    Sep 28, 2002
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    The people were asking me how I made my Unicron planet stands [asked me] to make a tutorial. Well, I don't need any more planet stands, but I can show some before and after pics. It is easy enough to "get away with it" that way. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $13. It is made by Mainstays.

    Here are my two Unicron planet stands next to the original paper towel holder. Yes, you basically stick a paper towel holder up Unicorn’s ass:


    You will be turning this paper towel holder on the left into the final stand on the right:


    Here are the tools you need. You will also need a cutting tool. I used an angle grinder, but lots of other tools can be used (SawsAll, jigsaw, oscillating tool, etc.). Also, you need sandpaper if you plan on painting it.

    You need the knife to cut off the rubber/plastic center of the paper towel holder. It is a bit of a bitch to do, but take your time so you don't scrap up the stand, especially of you don't plan on painting it. Loosen up the pole in the center by the end of cutting off the rubber. If [needed], you can tighten it back up with a socket set or pliers.

    Next, figure how tall you want the stand, and cut it accordingly with the angle grinder. You will have to clean up the sharp edges with sandpaper when finished.

    I used the hanger as the shaft that goes into Unicorn’s butt. I cut it 1/2" longer than the center pole. This way, when it is in the pole and epoxied to it, it sticks out the top. This is so the epoxy isn't supporting Unicorn’s fat ass. The hanger will support the weight, and the epoxy will just hold the hanger in place.

    Now, I grabbed, stole, absconded some of the hangers from a hotel I was at just for these DIY projects; I always do (don't judge me). You will have to hunt something down that will work for this.


    Next, after I cut the hanger to size, I use the epoxy to glue it into place. Then, use the ironic paper towel and stuff it in the pole to keep it in place while the epoxy dries. I would also just leave the paper towel in there just to make it that much stronger.


    I didn't think I would be violating Unicron like this, but here you go: Unicron porn. The picture is very self-explanatory:


    . . . . and last, Unicron from behind:


    I know this isn't the best tutorial, but I did my best. Feel free to ask any questions and if I missed anything.




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