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    Real Name: Major Zane Dragos
    Allegiance: none.later joins Autobots.
    Motto: They won't get away with this! They won't escape my wrath!

    Bio: ( im new to this)

    Zane once was an ordinary man in the military.He had a wife, two children and a pet dog. That all changed when the Transformers arrived,bringing their war to Earth. During an attack by the Decepticons, his family perished.
    With all the hatred and anger bottled up , he went to take on the robots that destroyed his life. He ended up in an explosion. He awoke to find out he had schrapnel throughout his body.later he found out from the Autobots the pieces were in fact infused by the allspark and that, for some reason, a small robot would follow him around....Revlimit.

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