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    For those of you who are following along...sorry. I posted Chapter 13 - (Initiation) a few days ago and forgot to list it here.

    Ultra Magnus catches Rodimus assassinating a ship full of humans and doesn't take it well.

    Chapter 14 (Tunnels) is up as well. It's a long one... so it is posted in three sections. The Autobots find out Vector Sigma has been manipulating both factions to perpetuate the conflict since the onset. They don't take it well.

    If you haven't read the first nine comic books of Maelstrom, and the other preceding chapters, I strongly recommend you do...if you like your fiction dark and nasty.

    Rated M for mature - extreme violence/mature themes (as in torture and slavery - not slash) which is why I don't post them here.

    I have a favor to ask...I am taking a poll of sorts to see which sites are receptive to this fanfic and which I should quit annoying. I receive a ton of positive feedback, but I don't know where people are finding out about Maelstrom since obviously everyone pretty much responds to my Deviant Art site. If you end up there from here, I'd like to know. Thanks.

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