Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy!!! $1,400?

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by [Wing_Saber-X], Jun 20, 2011.

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    Hi there Peoples, the thread title says it all! :D 
    Got a huge favour to ask once again, and if it's anybody who I have absoulte faith in to fufill my wildest desires when it comes to finding a rare piece of Grail item, it is the awesome peoples on these boards! ;-)

    Don't know if I am asking the impossible here--to scour the deepest recessess of the Tokyo and Japanese collectors' market for the above?! I'll be willing to pay up to a premium of approx. $1,400 for it. If that's a fair price, you have my utter commitment and guarantee that once I start payment at say--oh- $400/month, I will always commit to complete the deal. The reason to get that uber piece of historic piece is borne by my desire to complete ALL the Super Fire Convoy moulds. I only have the original Car Robots version, and since the Black one is the hardest to obtain, I guess getting it would be a personal victory for me as a collector.
    Well, hope to her from you guys soon, and appreciates the help!

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