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    Hey all, I just tossed up a few auctions for my Animated stuff. On a side note, if anyone is interested in any of these lots for just the starting bid price, feel free to PM me and it's all yours. The less I have to deal with Ebay the better :)  Or, if anyone wants to take the whole kit and kabootle for $135 shipped, PM me.

    Decepticon lot:
    2x Megatrons:D eluxe & Voyager (Hasbro QC strikes again, left legs. Does not affect transformation though.), Swindle, Blackarachnia, and Soundwave
    BIN: 40
    Starting Bid: 35

    Starscream and clones:
    Starscream, Skywarp (Hasbro QC, the right leg's thigh joint is very loose), Sunstorm, Thundercracker, and Activators Starscream
    BIN: 40
    Starting Bid: 35

    Bumblebee lot (just want Prowl wanted, to be surrounded by a bunch of Bumblebees)
    Includes Bumblebee, Custom Re-entry Bumblebee, Prowl (legs are a little loose), and 2x Activator Bumblebees
    BIN: 30
    Starting Bid: 25

    Elite Guard lot:
    Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, Jazz, and Safeguard
    BIN: 55
    Starting Bid: 50

    Thanks for looking!

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