Lot of Loose Transformers. All pieces Included!

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    I'm thinking of selling my Transformers Collection. My city is a city where there's no jobs and financial problems..you know. Anywho, pics are attached, shows each shelf. If you would like them, please message me and we will discuss. Paypal is usually the only way I go of accepting payment. I also have a lot of loose 2007 Toys as well. All Movie Autobots/Decepticons, Arcee, Swindle, Cliffjumper, Leader Megatron and Optimus.

    *Elder Wand and SDCC Soundwave, and Prime Optimus Prime Not Included in things for Sale.
    **Missing is Masterpiece Skywarp, Insecticons, and Cyclonus from the BiS with Rodimus Prime available for sale.

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