lot of cybertron figures

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    this a lot of tranformers cybertron toys. will not seperate this it has to go as complete lot.
    items included are
    Starscream-Megatron-Optimus Prime-Jetfire-Scourge-Cybertron Defense Red Alert-Dark Scorponok-Red Alert-Thundercracker-Landmine-Sideways-Blurr-Thunderblast-Buzzsaw-Longrack-Runamuck-Override-Snarl-Crumplezone-Mudflap-Evac-Leobreaker-Hardtop-Undermine-Brushguard-Backstop-Wreckloose-mini-con street speed team-Armorhide-Ransack-Scattorshot-Brakedown-Clocker-mini-cons Shockwave&Tankor-mini cons Sky Lynx & Thunderblast-Mini cons Jolt + 2 others
    have all the instructions and back of each package also are a few DvD's of the episode Hidden from the transformers cybertron tv show .
    asking $225 for all of it plus shipping e-mail me if interested at typical_freak_23@yahoo.com

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