Lost Light #7

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    Nice wrap up to the prior story lines, but good god, I miss Milne's art! The art has really been going downhill. I'm hoping for a change and soon.
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    I have two theories on what will happen to Tailgate.

    1. The Scavengers will find him. Fangry is still on Necroworld, right? The WAP will come upon Necroworld, following his spark signature, find Tailgate, (possibly) dig him out and take him with them (maybe leaving Fangry behind; they may be Decepticons, but they're not monsters). After all, for Grimlock to be present in Drift's vision, they'd have to hook up with the Scavengers at some point.
    2. His very existence is one big predestination paradox. At some point, Tailgate's burial chamber is destroyed (along with his Autobot symbol... and his legs) and contact with the briefcase sends him back six million years, where he lands in the Miteous Plateau, next to a sluicer's dead body, which is destroyed in the landing. The radiation warps Tailgate's mind, giving him the memories of the sluicer. And, six million years later...
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