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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Fishdirt, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Not the typical how to fix as I already know about future and such. I'm wondering more about boiling. I've been reading some third party suggests it to shrink Laser Primes head so I'm wondering if you spot boiled, say a loose shoulder joint (specifically my g1 blot pin shoulder) would the plastic shrink enough to tighten the joint? Has anyone done this or have a junker they are willing to experiment on?

    Also wasn't sure where to put this.
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    It all depends on the joint. Some can be tighten by tightening the screw, some need a coat of super glue. If you do the super glue trick, which I prefer to Future, just make sure you keep the joint moving CONSTANTLY as it dries. If it's a ball joint, just pop it apart, then put a few drops of super glue on top of the ball, and evenly spaced around it. Let it dry for a couple hours, then pop it back together. You can also lightly sand the ball before applying the glue for better adhesion. I hope this helps.

    I've only ever used boiling to loosen a glued seam.

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