loose Beast Machines toys for sale!

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    Hi! This is Strikimusprime here. I am currently selling several figures from my Beast Machines collection. The list is as follows:

    Mirage- loose/ complete with printed instructions
    Obsidian- loose/ complete no instuctions
    Tank Drone- loose/ no missile with printed instructions
    Blast Charger- loose/ missing all 3 missles with printed instructions
    Tankor- loose/ missing missile with instruction manual
    RID Megabolt Megatron- loose/ no missile with instruction manual
    Thrust- loose/ missing missile with printed instructions
    Deluxe Jetstorm- loose/ missing both missiles with printed instructions
    Strika- loose/ complete with printed instructions
    Scavenger- loose/ complete no instructions
    Transformers Cybertron Scrapmetal- loose/ missing cyber planet key with instruction manual

    All figures are $10 each. If your interested, please private message me or e-mail me at Strikimusprime@gmail.com. Keep in mind I ONLY accept payment through paypal. Any offers with checks or money orders will go ignored. Thanks!


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