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    Hey everyone, or at least those who read this... Anyway, I'm looking to sell several figures and parts as a lot. Please, no signal offers unless you're thinking about buying about 80% of the parts/figures listed. The figures and parts are as followed:

    Supreme Class Primus Arms/Hands
    Supreme Class Armada Unicorn Waist and lower leg sections
    Ptivites'(I think that's how you spell his name?) casts of: Supreme Class Starscream Head, Supreme Class Devastator Head, and a Devastator's chest plate
    RID Hightower (Hook)
    RID Grimlock (scavenger)
    RID Wedge (Bonecrusher)
    Energon Demolisher (Long Haul)
    Cybertron Landmine (Scrapper)
    Energon Barricade (Mixmaster)

    All also throw in the yellow dump truck included in the RID set. I'm basically selling all the needed parts to construct a MP Devastator, excluding joints and your own personal preferences. I collected these parts months ago but never had the time to work on it. Now, I'm going on a short vacation with friends in about 2 weeks and the extra money would be great. The only missing parts/accessories are/is Cybertron Landmine's gun.

    PM me if interested(be generous lol) or have any questions. Also note that I already stared work on Unicron's waist and never got to properly "smooth-en" it out, so it currently has some rough edges. Pictures will be added later today when I can find my camera. :p  Thank you!

    Edit: Forgot to mention I have the center piece from Primus that is used in many Devastator customs.

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