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    Looking for the following Gen 1 parts. As some of you know my neighbor had a tree company cut some trees down on his property. One of the trees came down on my garage and on the backside of the house. Most of the collection is fine. It just some piece broke when they fell off the display case from the impact, or cannot been found. Both his insurance company and my homeowners insurance company wants me to buy the items 1st then show the receipt of how much the items are going to be to replace them. Good thing that there were no major appliances damaged. Most the damage was to the garage a total loss, the roof on the house, and ceilings on the backside of the house, the sidling, 4 windows, the deck and the fence. They are telling me I should be able to move back on or around the 12 of June. Good thing that the fortune in-laws live about 10 minutes away. But cannot wait til I can move back into my house. So if anyone can help out that would be great. Please understand that money is tight for me for the time being. Until I get the checks from the insurance company

    Ultra Magnus White trailer ramp

    Lightspeed 1 handgun and 2 Infra-Red Missile Launcher

    Nosecone 1 Handgun and Rocket-Propelled Missile

    Strafe 1 Light-Pulse Blaster

    Dead End 1 hand gun

    Breakdown 1 hand gun

    Air Raid 1 hand gun

    Sling Shot 1 hand gun

    Fireflight 1 hand gun

    Metorplex 3 missile, scramper hand gun

    Rippensnapper Twin Missile Launcher ( white gun)

    Soundwave 1 Missile

    Megatron Stock - Base End piece

    Tracks 4 missiles , 1 handgun

    Skywarp's 2 long missiles

    Skids Lacher , and 3 missiles

    Ratchets red peg, 2 missiles

    Camshaft 1 missile

    Over Drive Plasma Beam Rifle

    Hoist Right Fist, 1 Twin Blaster, Full Spectrum multi-sensor, tow platform

    Thundercracker small right wing

    StarScream 2 small missiles, landing gear,( nose strut)

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