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    Misc Stuff for Trade/Sale

    Only trading or selling right now any pms about selling to me will be ignored

    Here are my Wants

    *Please note if you have no feedback I will ask you to ship your stuff first to avoid being burned.

    US only please and Postal Money orders & Paypal with gift option only or if you'd rather not gift be prepared to pay the fees especially if you are using a credit card through paypal.

    Ask All Questions Beforehand to avoid any surprises later or disappointments especially if you are particular to the condition of an item.

    Prices: Don't ask me what price i want for an item,
    make me an offer or give me your price range

    List of stuff for sale or trade:

    Most items are sealed in the box unless stated otherwise

    Masterpiece (Authentic not KOs)
    Rodimus (TRU version) Pic
    Optimus Prime (20th anniv. DVD version, have misb & loose complete one) Pic
    Sideswipe (Mp-12 Takara Version) Pic
    Prowl (Mp-17 Takara Version) Pic
    Silverstreak (Mp-18 Takara version) Pic
    Bluestreak (Mp-18B Takara Version) Pic

    2003 Shadow Striker & Roulette (Sisters) Pic
    2005 Box Set Pin
    2007 Boston Globe Card sheet Pic
    2007 Target welcome kit with light up Autobot Symbol Pic Pic
    2007 Starscream Hotel Key
    2009 Box Set
    2010 Box Set
    2010 Slicer
    2010 Rapido & Cindersaur
    2011 SG Galvatron
    2011 Animated Sideswipe
    2011 Ironfist


    2007 Astrotrain Gone
    2007 Breakaway Pic
    2010 Dion

    Nemesis Prime (TAV13) Pic
    Sports Label Black Sneaker Pic
    Alternity Cliffjumper, Bumbebee & Goldbug Pic

    G1 Reissues

    Grapple & Hoist Pic Hoist Gone
    Dirge & Skywarp Pic
    Smokescreen & Tracks Pic Smokescreen Gone

    Action Masters
    Blaster (Loose & complete) Pic
    Bumblebee (Loose & complete) Pic

    Wheel Blaze & Roadburner (Missing Bucket) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Combined
    Blackout (Loose & complete) Pic Pic Pic
    Spaceshot (Missing arms & wings) Pic Pic Combined1 Combined2
    Red Hot (Missing Hose & Has Some Paint Wear) Pic1 Pic2

    Windbreaker (Complete with book & card) 1 2
    Skram (Complete with book & card) 1 2

    Optimus/Megatron 2 pack with DVD
    Starscream Gone
    Springer vs Ratbat (Target two pack)
    Hardhead (Have misb & loose one missing shield, right guard rail, & both back turrets) Pic


    Sky Shadow
    Wheeljack Pic
    Trailcutter (legends) Pic
    Gold Bumblebee (legends) Pic
    CW Megatron (have a misb one and a loose complete one)
    FOC Grimlock

    Combiner Wars
    Ultra Magnus
    Megatron (have a misb one and a loose complete one)

    Titans Return
    Master Sawback
    Master Petro


    Steelshot Pic

    Optimal Optimus
    War Within Optimus (First Release)
    Menasor (SDCC)
    Hot zone

    Bumblebee (Movie)
    Blackout (Movie)
    Optimus 3 Pack (Target Exclusive) Pic
    Scorponock Pic
    Optimus Prime Pic
    Jazz Pic

    Razorclaw Pic
    Crystal Widow VS Oil Slick two pack Pic
    Micromaster Prowl & Streetwise Pic
    Depthcharge Pic
    Night Strike Cheetor Pic
    Snow Cat Pic
    Tankor & Obsidian Pic
    Stockade & Magna Stampede Pic

    Beast Wars/Beast Machines
    Torca Pic
    Injector Pic
    Silverbolt Pic
    Tankor Pic
    Rattrap Pic
    Blast Punch Optimus Primal Pic
    Jetstorm Pic
    Thrust (loose) Pic

    Ultra Magnus (have a MISB & loose complete one)
    Optimus vs Megatron Two pack Pic
    Prowl Pic
    Waspinator Pic
    Cybertron Mode Ratchet (Have a mosc & loose complete one) Pic Pic
    Oil Slick Pic
    Soundwave Pic
    Electrostatic Soundwave Pic
    Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime (Have a loose one with axe & shield, & a MOSC one)Pic
    Bumblebee Pic
    Snarl Pic
    Ratchet Pic
    Cybertron Mode Ironhide Pic
    Blackarachnia Pic
    Lockdown Pic
    Arcee Pic
    Rodimus Minor Pic
    Blurr Pic
    Swindle Pic

    Catalog Pic Pic
    Optimus Flashlight (loose & mosc one) Pic
    Smokescreen Pic
    Unicron (Planet) (have misb & loose complete one)
    Red Alert Pic
    Optimus Prime Pic
    Powerlinx Optimus Prime Pic

    Metroplex Pic
    Unicron (tank) (have loose & mosc one) Loose one Pic
    Sky Shadow Pic
    Demolisher Pic
    Smokescreen (Have a loose one & a sealed one) Pic
    Red Alert Pic
    Cannonball Pic
    Excellion Pic
    Thundercracker Pic
    Downshift Pic
    Override Pic
    Blurr Pic
    Quickmix Pic
    Cryo Scourge
    Soundwave Pic
    Wingsaber Pic
    Starscream (Supreme Class) Pic
    Optimus Prime (have loose complete & misb one) Sealed

    Optimus Prime Pic
    Stormjet Pic
    Steamhammer Pic
    Landmine & Jetfire Pic
    Starscream Pic
    Insecticon Pic
    Sharkticon Pic
    Kicker Pic
    Energon Saber Pic
    Strongarm Pic
    Skyblast Pic
    Treadshot Pic
    Sky Shadow Pic
    Bruticus Maximus (Prefer to sell or trade as a set but will split up for the right deal)
    Stormcloud Blight Blackout Kickback Barricade

    Optimus (have loose & misb one) Pic Loose Pending out
    Ultra Magnus (have loose & misb one) Pic Loose Pending out
    Megatron Pic
    Obsidian Pic
    Nightcruz (loose & complete) Pic Pic
    X-Brawn Race car Regular
    Prowl Regular Blue/White
    Side Burn Red Blue
    Storm Jet Pic
    Jhiaxus Pic

    Hoist,Wheeljack,Mirage These Three Traded
    Mirage (Japanese)

    Ultimate Bumblebee (have loose complete & misb one)
    Unleashed Bumblebee Pic
    Robot Replicas Optimus ,Megatron, & Jazz Pic
    Robot Replicas Bumblebee Pic
    Robot Replicas Barricade Pic
    Robot Replicas Frenzy Pic
    Deep Space Starscream & Robovision Optimus (Target Exclusives) Pic
    Evolution Of A Hero Bumblebee (Target Exclusive) Pic
    Arcee (Blue Target Exclusive energon redeco) Pic
    Air Raid (Target Exclusive) Pic
    Long View (Real Gear Robot) Pic
    Spy Shot 6 (Real Gear Robot)
    Zoom Out 25x (Real Gear Robot) Pic
    Incinerator Pic
    Blackout Pic
    Ironhide Pic
    Inferno (Tru Exclusive) Pic
    Rescue Ratchet (G1 Colors) Pic
    Ratchet Pic
    Thundercracker Pic
    Starscream (Target G1 Colors) Pic
    Starscream Pic
    Elita-one (Target) Pic
    Night Beat 7 Pic
    Storm Surge (Target) Pic
    Camshaft Pic
    Barricade (Premium) Pic
    Dreadwing Pic
    Stockade Pic
    Frenzy (Fast Action Battler) Pic
    Scorponok Pic
    Jazz Pic
    Overcast Pic
    Jazz (Target G1 Colors) Pic
    Swindle Pic
    Brawl Pic
    Wreckage Pic
    Arcee Pic
    Longarm Pic
    Optimus Prime (Leader Class) Pic
    Megatron (Leader Class) Pic
    Optimus Prime (Voyager) Pic
    Megatron (Voyager) Pic
    Decepticon Desert Attack Pic

    Movie 2
    Brakedown Pic
    Bumblebee Pic
    Dirge Pic
    Rampage Pic
    Wheelie Pic
    Sideswipe Pic
    Swerve Pic Pic
    Dead End Pic
    Mudflap Pic
    Skids Pic
    Dirge Pic
    Soundwave Pic
    inter Barricade Pic
    Cannon Bumblebee Pic
    Ravage Pic

    Heroes of Cybertron
    Optimus (Com link) Sold
    PM Prime Apex Armor Traded
    Spike & Bumblebee
    Starscream with crown Gone
    Starscream Pic
    Skywarp Pic

    Metallic Devastator Pic
    Metallic Omega Supreme Pic

    Mega SCF
    Optimus (Armada) Pic
    Megatron (Armada) Pic
    Cartoon Optimus Pic
    Metallic Optimus Pic
    Metallic Megatron (Japanese Convention Exclusive) Pic
    Cartoon Megatron Pic
    Hot Rodimus Pic
    Rodimus Convoy Pic

    Posters/Lithos & Other
    Cybertron Heroes/Destron Heroes
    Armada Battle
    Classicverse Lithograph
    2009 Botcon 25th Anniversary Lithograph
    Devastator vs Superion Pic
    Starscream Pic
    Inferno & Redalert
    Jazz, Bluestreak, & Prowl
    Empty TRU Giftcard from first movie Pic
    Rockem sockem style candy holders Pic
    Unicron Statue (Hard Hero) (Has tip of right foot chipped off but included) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8

    Boxes, Bubbles, & Cards Oh My!
    Generations Blurr Bubble & Card
    Cybertron Quickmix Box
    Cliffjumper Keychain Card Pic
    ROTF Sideways Bubble & Card
    Energon Bonecrusher Bubble & Card
    TFTM Payload Bubble with insert
    TFTM Salvage Bubble with insert
    TFTM Landmine Bubble with insert
    TFTM Final Stand Bubble
    Classics Starscream Card & Bubble
    Generations Darkmount Bubble & card

    Devastator Pic
    Superion Pic
    Defensor (groove's front broke off) Pic

    TF Junkers & Parts
    Gobots (Some Yellowing,Missing Bumper & Gun) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5
    Huffer (Missing arm) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Spectro (Button doesn't work)
    Divebomb (plastic version no head & no last three feather tips of right wing) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    G2 Inferno (missing arm and tires) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Runamuck (no face, doesn't stay in car mode well) Pic
    Optimus Prime (broken bumper & no fists) Pic Pic
    Cybertron Repugnus Planet Key Pic
    Jungle Bonecrusher (no right arm) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Megatron (from DVD 2 pack missing arm) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Perceptor (Missing Knobs,Mirror,Scope came off) Pic
    Jetfire Right Arm Pic Pic
    TFTM Landime (No head, No back bumper)
    TFTM Stockade (missing one side of Windshield)
    Animated Lugnut (missing left arm,left front gun,& nothing on his backend piece)
    PCC Double Clutch (no left leg,no drones)

    Marvel Legends
    Icons Venom (Reg & Variant) Pic1 Pic2
    icons Hulk (In A Venom Box) Pic
    Icons Spider-Man Pic
    Emma Frost (Reg & Diamond) (Annihilus Series) Pic
    Sasquatch (Variant) (Apocalypse Series) Pic
    Bishop (Variant) (Apocalypse Series) Gone
    Maestro (Apocalypse Series) Black Heart & Lady Deathstrike (Onslaught Series) Pic
    X-23 (Reg & Variant) (Apocalypse Series) Pic
    Iron Fist (Reg & Variant) (Apocalypse Series) Pic1 Pic2
    Wolverine (Reg & Variant) (Apocalypse Series) Gone
    Professor X (Galactus Series) Pic
    Hulk (Reg & Variant) (Galactus Series) Pic
    Bullseye (Reg & Variant) (Galactus Series) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Gambit (Series 4) Pic
    Scarlet Witch (Legendary Rider Series) Pic
    Angel (Reg & Variant) (Sentinel Series) Pic
    Cyclops (Reg & Variant) (Sentinel Series) Pic
    Black Panther (Sentinel series) Pic
    Logan (Reg & Variant) (Legendary Rider Series) Pic
    Wonder Man (Reg & Variant) (Legendary Rider Series) Pic
    Doctor Strange & Deathlok (Galactus Series) Pic
    Ghost Rider & Man Thing (Series 7 & 8) Pic
    Vengenace & Ultron (Legendary Rider Series) Pic
    Spider-Man & Mr. Sinister (Sentinel Series) Gone
    Ghost Rider & Human Torch (Series 2 & 3) Pic
    Quicksilver (Blob series) Pic
    Ultimate Ironman with & without mask (Annihilus Series) Pic
    Green Goblin & Loki (big horns) (Onslaught Series) Pic
    Luke Cage & Baron Zemo (Mojo Series) Pic
    Longshot & Psylocke (Mojo Series) Pic
    Abomination (Onslaught Series) Pic
    Pyro (Onslaught Series) Pic

    Marvel Select
    Ultimate Carnage & Wolverine Pic Carnage gone
    Emma Frost Reg & Clear Pic
    Ultimate Venom with & without symbol Pic
    Ultimate Ironman Pic

    Mosc Figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6
    Spin 'n Trap Spider-man (right arm fell off but is inside sealed card) Pic
    Black Costume MIB Figure Pic
    Mega Blocks Symbiote Costume Set Pic
    Mega Blocks Silver Costume Set Pic
    Marvel universe Scarlet Spider Pic
    12" Scarlet Spider Loose Figure Pic
    Symbiote (loose & incomplete) Pic Pic Pic
    Spider-man 3 3D cup Pic Pic

    Loose figures Pic Gone:Best, robot wolverine, space cyclops, colossus
    Moc Figures (Ch'od Back Button Broke) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5
    Mutant Armor Quicksilver,Light up Psylocke & Elektra Pic
    Morph (Toyfare,Age of Apocalypse) Pic
    Kitty Pryde (Toyfare) Pic
    Light up Gambit
    X-Men 3 Wolverine/Angel 3D cup Pic Pic Pic
    X-Men 3 Magneto/Callisto 3D cup (with disc on bottom of cup) Pic Pic
    X-Men 3 Mystique/Juggernaut 3D cup Pic Pic

    Other Marvel
    Alpha Flight Figures Pic
    Fantastic Four Medusa Figure Pic
    She-Hulk (Toyfare,Fantastic 4 Costume) Pic
    Generation-X Figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    Iron Man Figure Pic
    Firestar (Toyfare) Pic
    Bullseye (Toyfare) Pic
    Iron Man Iron Monger 3D cup Pic
    Marvel Masterpiece 1995 trading cards
    Marvel Metal 1994 trading cards
    Marvel comics 1990 & 1992 trading cards
    Spiderman 1995 trading cards
    X-men & X-force 1991 trading cards

    Loose Figures & parts Pic Pic
    Lego vehicle & Figure Pic Pic Pic
    Bane (Variant with osito) Gone
    Six flags Lenticular 8x10 mini poster Pic

    Loose Figures Pic
    Cyborg Superman Pic Pending out
    Metallo Pic

    Real Ghostbusters

    Neca Slimer figure Pic
    Good condition figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    Worn/faded figures Pic
    FireHouse (Loose No Front Doors) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Ecto 1 Car (missing all doors) Pic Pic Pic Pic
    Ecto 2 (Complete Except For Seat Belt) Pic1 Pic2
    Ecto 3 (Missing some pieces & broken flag pole) Pic Pic
    Proton blaster & Pke meter Pic Pic
    Projection Blaster Pic1 Pic2
    Extreme Ghostbusters Eduardo MOSC Pic
    Extreme Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (complete with box) Pic

    Figures Pic
    Books Pic
    Snake Mountain Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Castle Greyskull Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

    No-Body Pic
    Nitro Riders Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    HR Giger LI 2 2004 figure Pic $120 or best offer

    Aliens & Predator
    Hive Wars (mosc) Pic1 Pic2
    Alien loose figures Pic
    Aliens (Loose on bubble) Pic
    Alien Resurrection (mosc) Pic1 Pic2
    Alien & Predator Wall Decor (mosc) Alien Predator
    Aliens CPL. Hicks Club Exclusive Regular
    Grid Alien Pic
    Alien Versus Predator Boxset Pic
    Predator (moc) Pic1 Pic2
    Predator Movie Maniacs Pic
    Stealth Celtic Predator Movie Maniacs Club Exclusive Pic

    T2 figures Pic Pic
    T2 Bike & Mobile Assault Vehicle Pic Pic
    T2 Movie Maniacas T-1000 & T-800 Pic
    T3 Movie Manias end battle box set Pic


    Wind up Bender & Nibbler Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Metal Figures Pic
    Nibbler Deluxe Figure Pic
    Zap & Leela Figures Pic
    Metal Lunchbox Pic
    Comic Pic
    Toyfare Swimsuit Leela Pic
    Mini figures Professor & Url, Leela & Roberto Pic

    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic X Rubber keychain Pic
    Sonic Adventure Figures Pic
    Sonic X Space Fighters Figures ,Sonic Adventure 2 Figure, & Sonic Plush Pic
    Mcdonalds Electronic Mini Game Pic

    Full Metal Alchemist Gone
    Trigun Gazelle The Peacemaker Pic
    Cowboy Bebop Pic
    Armitage Pic
    She devil Version1 Version2

    Scubadiver & viking keychains Pic
    Batman vehicle & Figure Pic Pic Pic
    Harry Potter Figures Pic
    Pirates Magnets Set Pic
    Star Wars 30th Anniversary Magnets Set (Boba Fett, Slave Leia, Royal Guard) Pic

    G.I. Joe
    1992 Headquarters missing pieces & electronics work Pic Pic Pic Pic
    25th Anniversary BAT Figure Mosc
    Tomahawk Helicopter (missing propellers, windshield, & wings on a side) Pic Pic
    Tiger Force Tiger Fly Helicopter (missing propeller) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Tiger Force Tiger Rat Plane Gone
    Badger (complete with box & book, has stress mark on flag pole) Pic1 Pic2
    Moray Cobra Boat (missing pieces)Pic Pic Pic
    Air Skiff (Includes Zanzibar's spear & gun,missing 1 gun,1 missle & one broken control rod)
    Pic Pic Pic
    Cobra Hydro-Sled (missing canopy,torpedos,& gun) Pic1 Pic2
    Lifeline (mail away version) Pic
    Snake Eyes v1 (just body) Pic
    Snakes Eyes v3 (complete except for backpack with file card) Pic Pic
    Snake Eyes v4 (complete with card) Pic Pic
    Python Viper (complete with file card) Pic Pic
    Flint v3 (complete) Pic
    Bazooka v2 (just body) Pic
    Quick Kick (just body) Pic
    Dusty (just body) Pic
    Lt. Falcon (just body) Pic
    Beach Head (just body) Pic
    Repeater (complete with file card) Pic Pic
    Snake Armor (missing bottom half & more) Pic
    Zap (broken body but complete) Pic
    Cobra Commander (broken body but complete) Pic
    Wild Weasel (broken body but complete) Pic
    Xamot (broken with missing limbs) Pic
    Ambush (broken missing arm) Pic
    Capt. Ace (just body) Pic
    Blaster (just body) Pic
    Iron Grenadiers (body complete with gun & file card) Pic Pic
    Shockwave (just body) Pic
    Scoop (complete with file card) Pic Pic
    Lightfoot (only missing mine detect unit) Pic
    Recoil (only missing case , with file card) Pic Pic
    Downtown (missing revolver, mortar & tripod) Pic
    Tracker (complete with card, broken gun piece under barrel) Pic Pic
    Annihilator (only missing copter post, with card but missing file card) Pic Pic
    Countdown (body with helmet & part of backpack) Pic
    H.E.A.T. Viper (only missing bazooka shells, with file card) Pic Pic
    EELS v2 (complete with card) Pic Pic
    T.A.R.G.A.T. (complete with card) Pic Pic
    Airborne (complete only missing parachute) Pic
    Hydro-Viper (broken & no waist piece) Pic
    Techno viper parts Pic
    Sci-fi Parts Pic
    Ozone Parts Pic
    Junkyard Parts Pic
    Serpentor Parts Pic
    Action Marine Parts (raft has broken bits) Pic
    Action Space capsule Pic Pic
    Misc Parts Pic
    Broken Parts Pic
    G.I. Joe Extreme Ballistic & Iron Klaw v2 (just bodies) Pic
    G.I. Joe Extreme Metalhead v2 Parts Pic

    Star Wars
    Vintage 12" Darth Vader Pic
    Millenium Falcon Puzz 3d puzzle Pic Pic
    Black Series Small figures
    #1 Padme (have mosc & moc with loose bubble), #2 Clone Sergeant
    (have mosc & moc with loose bubble), #3 Anakin Pic Pic Pic
    #4 Biggs, #5 Luke (moc with loose bubble) #6 Darth Vader, #7 Biker Scout Pic Pic
    #8 Clone Pilot, #9 R2-D2, #10 Pablo-Jill Pic
    #11 Luminara Unduli, #12 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper, #13 Stormtrooper Pic
    #14 Mara Jade, #15 Merumeru, #16 Clone Commander Neyo Pic
    #17 Vizam, #19 Mace Windu Pic
    Black Series Big Figures
    #1 X-wing Luke, #2 Darth Maul Pic
    #3 Sandtrooper, #4 R2-D2 Pic
    #5 Slave Leia, #7 Greedo Pic
    #8 Han Solo, #10 Obi-Wan, #11 Luke Pic Pic
    Millenium Falcon (missing some stuff) Traded
    A-Wing,X-Wing,Sebulba's pod racer
    Pit Droids Pic
    Luke in Storm Trooper disguise & R2D2 (Comic pack) Pic
    Darth Vader (Orignial Trilogy Collection) Pic
    Aurra Sing Masterpiece Edition Pic Pic
    Titanium Gold Darth Vader X1 Tie Fighter (SDCC Exclusive) Pic
    Sandcrawler (Previews Exclusive) Pic
    Jabba's Skiff Guards Pic
    Cantina Aliens Pic
    Mos Espa Encounter Pic
    Micromachines Star destroyer with Darth Vader (Fan Club Exclusive) Pic
    Electronic Mini Naboo Pistol Pic
    Taco Bell Character Toppers Pic Pic Pic
    Darth Maul & Anakin 2 Pack Pic
    Episode 1 Buddies : Quigon jin, Obi-wan, Darth Maul, Padme, & Jar Jar Pic
    Farce Wars Spoof Beanies Pic
    Episode 1 Koosh Toys Pic
    Electronic Super D Boba Fett, Chewbacca, & R2-D2 Figures Pic
    Unleashed IG-88, General Grievous, Aurra Sing, Bossk, Aayla Secura, Asajj Ventress Pic
    Unleased Padme Amidalla & Boba Fett (Target Exclusive Box) Pic Pic
    Unleashed Darth Vader (Best Buy Exclusive) Pic
    Swing to freedom Luke & Leia two pack Pic
    Darth Vader 500th figure Pic
    Titanium Metallic IG-88 & Colored Boba Fett Pic Pic
    Epic Force C-3PO Pic
    Bounty Hunter Pack Pic
    Star Wars Holiday Edition R2-D2 & C-3PO Figures Set Pic
    Commeorative Tin Set 5 of 6 , Deluxe Jabba The Hutt, Deluxe Wampa Pic
    Saga Collection Figures Set1 Set2 Set3
    Episode 1 Figures Pic Pic
    Episode 3 figures Pic Pic
    Power of The force figures Set1 Set2 Set3 Set4 Set5 Set6 Set7
    Power of the Jedi Figures Set1
    Mail Away Episode 1 Sneak Preview Mace Windu Pic
    Mail Away Spirit Obi Wan Kenobi Pic
    Mail Away Han Solo in Storm Trooper Disguise Pic
    Mini Holographic Yoda Figure Pic
    Episode 1 Royal Starship (Complete with box & Unused Sticker Sheet) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5
    Essential Guide To Characters Book Pic
    Bounty Hunters TPB Pic
    2001 Bounty Hunters Mini Calender Pic
    Power of The Jedi Deluxe Figures Pic
    Loose figures & parts Pic Pic
    Vintage Tie Fighter (missing wings and battery cover) Pic

    Pinpal Homer Pic
    Rod & Tod Flanders Pic
    Hans Moleman (in a Officer Lou card) Pic
    Lionel Hutz & Brad Goodman (Series 2) Pic
    Edna Krabappel & Officer Lou (Series7) Pic
    Ragin' Willie & Kearney (Series 8) Pic
    Supt Chaumers & Terri & Sherri (Series 8) Pic
    Officer Marge & Hans Moleman (Series 7) Pic
    Cletus & Dolph (Series 7) Pic
    Daredevil Bart & Uter (Series 8) Pic
    Kirk Van Houten & Gil (Series 11) Pic
    Blue Haired Lawyer & Rainier Wolfcastle (Series 11) Pic
    Troy McClure & Herb Powell (Series 1) Pic
    Larry Burns & Plow King Barney (Series 11) Pic
    The Next Century Pic
    Bongo Comics Group Pic
    Island of Dr. Hibbert Pic
    DMV Selma Pic
    Police Station Officer Eddie & Town Hall Mayor Quimby Pic
    Cafeteria Lunchlady Doris & Retirement Castle Jasper Pic
    Couch Gag Pic
    Kamp Krusty Pic
    Simple Simpson Pic
    Why you..! Pic
    Marge & Homer Belly of the Boss Pic

    Complete Figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Loose Incomplete Figures, Junkers & parts Pic
    Sewer Playset (Complete with box) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6
    Turtle Tank (Complete with box) Pic1 Pic2
    Sewer Sub (Complete with box) Pic1 Pic2
    Module (Loose missing some pieces) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    Turtle Blimp (Includes Extra Blimp Fin, Missing Half of A Bomb, Missing One Small Glider Wing with broken tab stuck inside the slot) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5
    Turtle Cycle (Complete) Pic
    Knucklehead (Complete, Sticker Coming Off) Pic1 Pic2
    Catapult (Broken Tab Under Shield) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Turtle Tube (Missing A Blade Foot) Pic
    Turtle Boat Pic1 Pic2
    Slime Station Pic
    SWAT Helicopter Pic Pic
    2003 Headquarters missing parts Pic Pic

    Video Game figures & other stuff
    Misc loose figures Pic Link Gone
    Final Fantasy Movie 3D cup Pic Pic
    Halo 3 3D cup Pic
    Death Jr. figures Pic
    Dragon's Lair 3-D Figures Gone
    Capcom Cammy Reg & Variant Reg Variant
    Capcom Fighting Cammy Pic
    Quake 2 Figures Iron Maiden Athena Major
    Crazy Taxi Figures Pic
    Diddy Kong Racing Figures Pic
    Mario Kart 64 Figures & Microsizers Pic1 Pic2 Microsizers
    Donkey Kong Figures & Mini Plushes Pic1 Pic2 Plush
    Nintendo Wendys & McDonalds Toys Pic
    Metroid Samus Figure Pic
    Megaman X Vile Pic
    Megaman Pin Set Pic
    Nintendo Pins Pic
    Nintendo 1Up Green Mushroom Patches Pic
    Rock Band 2 metal pin Pic
    Devil May Cry 3 Wall Scroll Pic
    Pokemon Cereal Box Pic
    Pokemon Burger King Gold Cards Pic
    Pacman items Pic Pic Pic Pic

    Misc Cartoon figures & items
    Misc Loose figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Weapons Parts
    Loose DC Figures & parts Pic1 Pic2
    Voltron Lion parts Black front Black Back Red&Yellow1 Red&Yellow2
    Other Voltron stuff Mini figures Binocular1 Binocular2 Sticker album Misc
    Gobots misc lot (some missing pieces) Pic Pic
    Gobots Staks set (missing head) & Weird wing Pic Pic Pic Pic
    MASK Condor complete with some wear on face due to helmet Pic
    Xyber-9 Jack & Ikira Figures Pic Pic
    Captain Power figures Pic
    Biker Mice From Mars Throttle & Vinnie (moc) Pic Pic
    Dexter's Laboratory Figures Pic
    Earthworm Jim
    Thundercats Pic
    Silverhawks Pic
    Talespin Seaduck Plane Pic Pic
    Darkwing Duck figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    Ren & stimpy figures & candy holders Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
    Woody Woodpecker Plush Toys Pic
    South Park Kenny & Cartman Figures Pic Pic
    South Park Cheesy Poofs Pic1 Pic2
    Muppets Labs Playset Pic
    Popeye Wimpy Figure Pic
    The Mask Figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8

    Misc TV/Movie figures & items

    Power Rangers Pic
    Star trek figures Pic
    Evil Ash Movie Maniacs Pic
    Robocop Movie Maniacs Pic
    Robocop Parts Pic
    X-Files Figures & Minimates Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Minimates
    Demolition Man Simon Phoenix Pic Pic
    E.T. Bendable Figure Pic
    Lost Card Set Pic

    Misc Comic character items

    Alleycat (Toyfare) Pic
    Gen13 Fairchild (Toyfare) Pic
    Danger Girl Figures Pic1 Pic2
    Fathom Figure Pic
    Witchblade Figures Pic
    Nira X Figures Pic

    Misc Items

    Macfarlane dragon
    Bionicle Figures Pic
    Troll figures Pic
    Useless terry cloth wristband Pic
    Hot topic Boom box necklaces (one is missing chain) Pic
    Ikea Detolf Glass-door white cabinet (Sealed in box, Local pick up preferred) ikea link
    Tony the Tiger Plush Pic
    Galidor Ooni Figure Pic
    Thomas the Tank Aquarium Cars Pic Pic
    Sea to shining sea train set (works with Thomas the tank trains) Pic Pic
    Stretch Armstrong Stretch Battle-Bot Pic Pic
    Lucky Charms Musical Money Bank Pic
    The Incredibles card pack Pic
    The Avenging Narwal Play Set Pic
    Curious George Keychain Pic
    Twisted Land of OZ Figures Pic1 Pic2
    Scary Tales Figures Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Goth Figure Pic
    Tech Deck Grimm Dudes Series Pic1 Pic2

    Muscle Machines Car Pic
    Fast & The Furious Cars Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6
    James Bond Cars Pic1 Pic2
    Custom Honda Civic SI 1:18 Pic
    Honda Civic 1:18 Pic
    Dodge Viper GTSR 1:18 Pic
    Wastelanders 5 pack Pic
    Zero-G 5 pack Pic
    Cyborg 5 pack Pic
    Chrome Rides 5 pack
    Mail Away 2004 First Editions Gold Hummer Pic
    Audi Rosemeyer 1:18 Pic
    Motor Max
    Mako Shark 1:18 Pic
    Saleen 57 1:18 Pic
    VW Nardo W12 1:24 Pic
    Welly 1:24 Pic
    Sun Star 1:18 Pic

    3rd Rock From The Sun Season 1 (Sealed) Pic
    Garfield & friends Vol 3 & 4 (Sealed) Pic
    The Hobbit Unexpected Journey Extended Edition (Sealed) Pic
    Beast Wars Season 1 (Watched once or twice)

    Fossil Limited Edition Star Wars Boba Fett watch set with case & dog tag (never worn only opened to remove battery)
    Archos 70 250gb 7" tablet $180 shipped or best offer
    Apple 160GB silver Ipod classic (Mint in box, rarely used) $200 or best offer
    Creative Portable Media Center 20gb (Mint in box) $100 or best offer
    Logitech Bluetooth Headphones (Complete except for an ear clip which is easily obtainable) Make an offer
    IM Free (Complete with box works great) Pic
    Cybiko (Complete with box works great)
    Skannerz Racerz (Sealed) Pic
    Vugo (Sealed) Pic

    Video Games

    Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Sealed)
    Ecco The Dolphin (Box & Book only)
    After Burner 2 (Box & Book only)
    NBA Jam T.E. (complete)
    Game Gear
    Mortal Kombat
    Super Smash TV (complete)
    Battery Pack
    Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
    Blades of Steel
    Solomon's Key
    Super Mario World
    Power Rangers The Movie
    Spiderman/ X-men (complete)
    B.O.B. (complete)
    Total Carnage
    Wild C.A.T.S.
    Mortal Kombat
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    Super Tennis (Sealed)
    Beavis & Butt-Head (Sealed)
    Mace The Dark Age (complete)
    RF Switch
    Gamecube System
    Teen Titans (complete)
    Mario Party 7
    The Incredibles (complete)
    Super Smash Bros. Melee (complete)
    Gameboy Color
    Gameshark Pro
    Rubber Frame Protector
    Gameboy Advance
    Car Adapter
    E- Reader Excitebike & Tennis Cards (Both Sealed)
    Worm Cam
    Worm Light
    Zelda Link to the Past (complete)
    Sonic Advance 2 & 3 (complete)
    Earthworm Jim (complete)
    DS (complete games)
    Drawn To Life
    Brain Boost Beta Wave
    Cooking Mama
    Controller with screen
    Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller
    Socom US Navy (Sealed game with headset)
    Guitar Hero guitar Controller
    Guitar Hero 3
    Taito Drum Master with drum (complete)
    X-Men Legends 2 (complete)
    System Link Cable (sealed)

    Misc Shirts
    Most shirts are $10 plus shipping or make an offer if you buy more get a discount and save on shipping
    Batman Logo Grey Shirt from Six Flags Size XL ( Loose & never worn & tags) Pic
    Batman Classic TV Logo Grey Shirt From Six Flags Size XL (Loose & never worn & tags) Pic
    Decepticon Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    Autobots Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    Transformers Animated Movie Navy Shirt Size XL (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    Autobot Orange Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    Transformers Blue Ringer Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Pic
    Jazz Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Front Chest Sleeve
    Japanese Megatron Club Shirt Size M (Loose & never worn) Pic
    Thundercracker White Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Pic Pic
    Starscream White Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Pic Pic
    Soundwave White Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Pic Pic
    Cruel Intentions Size L (Loose & worn once) Pic
    Final Fantasy Black Tanktop Size XL (Loose & never worn) Pic
    K-Pax Navy Shirt Size XL (Loose & never worn) Pic
    Killer Instinct Shirt Size XL (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    28 Days Later Black Shirt Size XL (Loose & never worn) Front Back
    Incredible Hulk Coaster Green Shirt Size L (Loose & worn once or twice)Pic
    Star Wars Boba Fett Black Shirt Size XL (Loose & rarely worn, has slight residue on back bottom) Front Back
    Awesomemobile Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Pic Pic
    Gone in 60 seconds Black Shirt Size XL (Loose & never worn, nothing on front) Back
    15th Anniversary Sonic Grey Shirt Size XL (Loose & never worn) Front Back
    Supersonic Speed Black Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Pic
    Turistas Go Home Grey Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn) Front Back
    Army of Darkness Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Front Back
    Power Glove Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Front Back
    TMX Elmo Red Shirt Size XL (Loose & never worn) Front Back
    Simon Says You Suck Black Shirt Size L (Loose & never worn,sticker residue left over on part of shirt) Pic Pic
    Kaboom! Black Shirt Size L (Loose & rarely worn) Pic
    Mystery Men White Shirt Size XL (Sealed) Pic

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    It may be best for you to list on your first post a list of all the stuff you have for sell or trade.

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    OVERFEST Autobrat

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    Update some pics added more to come other stuff too like star wars, x-men , marvel legends, marvel select, marvel icons, Matrix

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    Updated with my wants

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    Added more stuff

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    Added more stuff including parts and junkers plus more pics

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    Added some comics and club exclusive.

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    Updated with marvel legends quicksilver and cyborg superman.

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    Added more stuff lots of Marvel Legends, Capcom stuff , Pokemon Gold Cards, more Star Wars items and Full Metal Alchemist Figures.

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    Added a few more marvel legends, quake figures, span figures, more star wars stuff , and night slash ceetor and payload from movie 1 line also a loose Beast wars depthcharge.

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    few item status updates

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    Updated with sold item

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    Added two junkers
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    is this updated? i see pictures like brawl (movie) posted but not on ur list..

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    Sorry forgot to write it in thanks for letting me know.

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    Few updates like Beast machines Rattrap

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    Few updates botcon stuff and junker

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    Weekend bump! and added some video games

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