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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Osku, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Looking to complete some of my bots. BW & BM most wanted, also some G1 I'm after. Trades prefered, not interested in buying except if I can get many missing parts at the same time. From Europe.

    BW parts, primary wants:

    B'Boom, weapon
    Buzzsaw, 2 green missiles
    Cheetor (Fox Kids), tail gun, stomach gun
    Grimlock claw parts for left robot arm
    Rhinox's lower jaw and green disc
    Terrorzaurer (Japanese/Korean version) right leg
    Terragator right robot armĀ“s green part, shell

    BM parts:
    Rapticon OR preferably lower parts of robot arms (mine has those cables cut off, please trade with me if someone's going to make that modification...)
    Magmatron: 1 missile for flying saurus, 2 missiles for sea saurus

    Also looking for few complete BW toys.
    Icebird (mutant)
    Soundwave (mutant)
    Saberback (BW Neo, loose only)
    Bazooka (BW Neo)
    (+ more unrealistic wants)

    My whole want/have list located here.

    Also have some Euro exclusive G2 cars and G1 Stunticons for trade.

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