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    Hello all,

    Just trying to see if there is anyone else that is looking to keep the cost of botcon down. I will be driving my 2002 chevy silverado king cab, from va beach, Va down to botcon. With a stop in highpoint, NC to pick up 1 person that is going. He is off the tfw2005.com boards. We are looking for 1 more people to help keep the cost of the road trip down. Asking that you help split the cost of the gas and parking while we are at botcon. We will be leaving on sunday June 20th. Plan is to be down there by sunday night. If you can drive to my place and head out with us or if your in north or south carolina or even in Georgia. If u have any ? pm me

    to clear up a few things and answer the same questions on here.

    KING CAB, just like a suburban but it has a 6ft bed. other words it has 4 full size doors.

    Hotel spot, yes u can crash with us the whole week or until later in the week when you buddys get into town.

    ASK that there is NO smoking in the truck as we will have our 20 month old daughter with us.

    If your in a northern state, like West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or even in northern Virginia or the D.C. Metro area. if u want to drive to my house and car pool with us thats cool. Not looking to drive 3 hours north to pick someone up to turn around and drive that distanced back. If have to I will but you would have to be able to be pick up that friday night or staurday afternoon before the 20th

    Yes we really only have room for 1 more as it stands we already have 4 in the truck 3 adults and my daughter that has a car seat. Front seats are the captain chairs not a bench seat. SO it can only hold a total of 5 people
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