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    i'm not a hardcore collecter but i'm looking for a few figures from micheal bay movie toy line. so now i've got the last 3 of the 4 i need to satisfy MY collections. i need a leader class brawl from the 2007 transformers movie. i'm willing to pay but i'm not gonna break the bank. so is anyone looking to unload thier leader class brawl..most be in good condition with all it's tank cannons/guns and mine swipe blades. get at me if you wanna sell a LC BRAWL.

    My collection so far:

    lc optimus prime
    lc ironhide(my personal fav)
    ha bumblebee
    ha rotf sideswipe
    ha leadfoot
    ha roadbuster
    rotf arcee
    deluxe jolt
    deluxe top spin
    night op ratchet(on the way from ebay purchase)
    ha jazz(on the way from ebay purchase)

    LC rotf megatron
    lc starscream
    deluxe dotm barricade
    dotm shockwave
    ha soundwave
    voyager blackout w mini scorponok(on the way from ebay purchase)

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