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    Looking to trade or possibly buy pretenders, but would rather trade, however I’d like to stay within the U.S. Please e-mail me if you have something rather than posting as I don’t get on here as often as I’d like. I’m looking for the following G1’s in near mint to mint complete condition:

    1. Longtooth
    2. Skullgrin
    3. Monstructor
    4. Bugly
    5. Pincher
    6. Cloudburst
    7. Snarler
    8. Vroom
    9. Crossblades

    Stuff I have to trade:

    1. MP Megatron
    2. NM – Mint loose complete Grimlock
    3. Boxed Devestator Giftset
    4. Boxed Starscream
    5. Complete Chainclaw
    6. G1 weapons
    7. 80’s GI Joes (mint loose complete)
    8. 80’s Star Wars figures (mint loose complete)

    Thank you,
    -Armand "armand.hernandez@yahoo.com"

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