Looking for G1 parts! Buying or trading

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Specimen-17, Sep 18, 2009.

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    In no particular order:

    Onslaught: Small chestplate
    Vortex: Glue gun
    Mindwipe right fist w/ tab
    Bomb-Burst: Shell (pending)
    Catilla: Robot, shell
    Gunrunner: manual, vehicle shell
    Landmine: Sword
    Roadgrabber: Inner robot, vehicle shell (only the bottom half is important)
    Skullgrin: right fist
    Snarler: inner robot (pending), right half of shell
    Submarauder: manual
    Crossblades: Lower rotor, small laser
    Thunderwing: Inner robot
    Bludgeon: big gun
    Pincher: big gun

    Generally I do need these to be in very good/excellent condition. I will pay cash, but if you're going to ask for Wheeljackslab's sort of prices don't even bother contacting me, I'll either respond with sarcasm or just ignore you. Reasonable sums, i.e. what they actually sell for at auction, is more like it. By way of trade I have a draw full of undocumented spare parts, just send me a wants list and I'll tell you what I have.

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