Looking for G1 & newer parts en masse

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Specimen-17, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Looking for these, money paid or possibly parts traded:

    AM Banzai-Tron - Razorsharp legs x1
    AM Grimlock - Gun
    AM Jackpot - Sights' legs
    AM Jazz - Board
    AM Krock - Gun
    AM Mainframe - R arm
    AM Megatron - red gun x2
    AM Optimus Prime - left trailer panel
    AM Rad - Lionizer (pending)
    AM Shockwave - Gun
    AM Sprocket - left wing x2, figure
    AM Take-Off - Screech's L Wing
    HM Chromedome - right foot
    HM Weirdwolf - sword/tail
    Inferno/Grapple - Right fist x2, Left fist
    Ironfist - pink panel from the gun, lower half of stand
    Kup - gun
    Minibots - tyres
    MM AA Base - Drum, Spaceshot R arm, turret (yellow-ish rather than orange)
    MM Cannon Transport - Ramp
    MM Countdown - rocket, platform
    MM Erector - Crane end
    MM Missile Transport - Ramps x5
    MM Skyhopper - rotors
    MM Tanker Transport - Gun mounts x3, Ramps x3
    Motorvator Gripper - tyres x4, sword
    Motorvator Lightspeed - left arm, sword x2
    PM Doubledeaer - figure
    PM Dreadwind - L gun
    Predator Launchers and missiles
    Pretender Bludgeon - tank barrel, gun x2
    Pretender Bomb-Burst - Shell, shell front
    Pretender Bumblebee - Shell
    Pretender Carnivac - L Shoulder pad
    Pretender Cloudburst - Shell
    Pretender Gunrunner - gun, missile (pending)
    Pretender Landmine - Sword
    Pretender Octopunch - small gun x2
    Pretender Pincher - Shell front, inner robot w/ unbroken legs x2
    Pretender Roadblock - Vehicle shell w/ dozer blade
    Pretender Starscream - R tailwing
    Pretender Waverider - Axe
    Rodimus - gun (pending)
    Sandstorm - Tailfin
    Scourge - gun x2
    TM Scoop - Yellow TM x2
    G2 Laser Prime - small missile x2

    Hybrid Stlye Nemesis Convoy: Base/stand
    BW Neo Big Convoy - Hip Missile
    RID Magnus - missiles x4
    RID Prime - pistol
    RID Scourge - 2 small missiles
    Energon Prime - Cab (Leader)
    BT Prowl - R door, lightsaber
    Hasbro reissue Skywarp - left vertical fin
    Hasbro reissue Silverstreak - gun
    Hasbro reissue Red Alert - right spoiler
    Takara reissue Starscream - long missile
    Takara MP Starscream: Left vent, base/stand
    TFC Reissue Insecticons - Energon cubes
    TFC Reissue Hound - Gas can, spare tyre
    TFC Reissue Stepper - Attachment
    TFC Reissue Soundwave - extending launcher, missile x2
    e-Hobby Robotmasters black Lio Convoy - Long and short guns x1
    Universe Nemesis Prime (Big Convoy) - Hip missile
    Classic Dlx Prime - exhaust stack
    Classic Sunstreaker - left engine vent

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