looking for custom galvatron kitbash

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    dont quite rememb er who it was that built this particuler custom figure

    but it was built using parts from energon megatron/galvatron

    and also used parts from cybertron wingsaber

    basicly the guy took galvatrons vehicle mode and somehow modified it so that
    the whole folding section atttaching the nosecone cockpit fuselage to galvatrons back was instead attached to the rotating backpack on galvatrons back

    but with wingsabers front fuselage and cockpit attached to it to the back of galvatrons vehicle mode and set up upside down

    with the folding rear piece from wingsabers body built onto a folding joint to attach it to the front of galvatrons vehicle mode with it serving as the new cockpit for the kitbashed galvatrons vehicle mode

    it also had wingsabers main wings attached to galvatrons wings to increase the wingspan

    it also had wingsabers rear wings and lower legs attached to the wingsaber fuselage at the back of the galvatron figures vehicle mode and had the main wings modifed so it was sporting wingsabers main wings and gatling gun arm/cannons

    basicly for this custom galvatron figures vehicle mode picture a B-52 super fortress but with it being heavily upgraded to be a cybertronian version of it instead

    i think the guy who built this custom figure either meant for it to be a new version of european skyquake or ghiaxus i forget which one it was character wisee but the guy built it from a mix of cybertron wingsaber and energon galvatron

    does anybody here remeber this particuler custom?

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