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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by process, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Does anyone know of any online services that can translate vector files to engraved/etched products? I'd like to have a base (approx. 8.5"x5"x3/16") made for my Buster Prime, in either aluminum or acrylic, with a recessed and infilled Autobot insignia. This super minimal design can be seen below:

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    Engraved, as in etched in metal?

    for that you need an acid treatment.

    A serigraphie print shop could have this done.

    I work in such company in Montreal, Quebec.

    If you don't find anything in your area, I could check it up here for you.
    In plastic it would have to be molded

    PM me if you have any question. I could have it done for you at my work.
    Confirm me, the dimensions you need, and I'll look up the price for an aluminium, or brushed steel plate
    see what we have available and with wich thickness.
    And I'll have an estimate done if you want, with shipping cost as well.

    I can guarantee you though, that the more you have done, the more cost wise economy you'd get.

    So how many you need?

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