Looking for a very specific set of Godzilla toys

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by NGW, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Ok so this is a bit of a nostalgia thing for me, as I remember picking these up a long time back as a kid, probably was early-mid 90's, remember lovin' 'em to death, playing with them, etc.

    It was a box set I do believe of a bunch of different Godzilla kaiju, think I got it from Toys R Us or something, can't quite remember. It had like Biollante, Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, Gigan, Space Godzilla (I think), Battra (I think), Ghidora (pretty sure), Mecha Ghidora (pretty sure), and not sure if there were any others. They really didn't do much from what I remember, they weren't super big, but not really that small either, probably around the size of an average deluxe in robot mode maybe, maybe a little smaller (I haven't seen any of them in ages). I know that like, Mechagodzilla came apart at the waist (not for any real reason I can think of, but it could).

    But I been trying to find this stuff online for hours. And I know if I saw like a pic of the Biollante that came with it (because from what I remember, the pose she is in isn't like the ones I've seen on other figures of her online) I'd recognize it in an instant.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Edit: Ok, I think I may have found it..or something very similar. I was checking Toho Kingdom and saw this Battra figure. Now, it mentioned it came in a box set, so I checked that set out (the 40th Anniversary one). Now I'm not certain that is the exact set I got, BUUUUUT it seems very very similar, though I dont recognize a couple of the toys in it, and maybe my memory is a little fuzzy as I can't recall if that Biollante figure in it is the same design as the one I'm thinking of (or if the one I'm thinking of had the more bipedal legs design), but it's a start I guess.

    Edit..again: Ok yeah, looking at it more, that's gotta be it. So I guess this thread kinda went to waste as I..found it myself.

    Eh, guess we can always talk about Godzilla/Kaiju figures here.

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